Phil Harrison's replacement: The first interview

DEVELOP EXCLUSIVE: We talk to Shuhei Yoshida, the man replacing Phil Harrison as Sony Worldwide Studios President, about a variety of topics, including his strategy for PS3 and PSP, and also his experiences during a 20-year career at Sony and discuss how he had a hand in the introduction of the PlayStation almost 15 years ago.

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Silogon3959d ago

So basically he just confirmed that Sony will no longer be delving into big games too. Thanks to good ol' Casual party crasher Nintendo. Sony has been without leadership since Ken left and when Phil left it's just in a state of disrepair.

It can't be fixed.

Idiot motion controllers
Big games being axed for small games
Outsourcing their main studios for 3rd party expansion

What the **** is Sony doing?

Vojkan3959d ago

i think you need some help, professional one.

twoface3959d ago

Yeah i agree, with Silogon that is. Sony needs to get its roots back. Look to the PS2, and what brought its massive success.
Give me my fricking RPGs! I seem to have been waiting forever..

xhi43959d ago

i was like f#@&*$^@ YOSHIDA [email protected]&#@&#

after reading that, I can kinda see that he actually is a pretty smart bloke, and not just like 'oh yeah we gotta get with nintendo's crowd'

he seems alright

Vojkan3959d ago

I think E3 will answer many many questions when it comes to this guy and Sony. Last Sony E3 conference was very hardcore, big games, etc.
If i see in this one more focus on casual crap i will be dissapointed. I am 100% sure that Sony has at least 2 or 3 more big exclusives just for this year. One of them is for sure Heavy Rain. I really cant wait to see what they have to show. Last E3 was awesome when it comes to Sony.

Also i predict MS will show multi platform games like COD5 and what not, like cominbg to 360! Like we are crazy and dont know it is multi plat. Just like COD4 and that ubisoft game Assasins whatever.

Elginer3959d ago

that everybody wants to be Nintendo from that Interview, dear God, the way things are going all of them are going to have the same stuff and trying to be Nintendo at the same time. Be Sony, do what you do and let MS be MS for the hardcore.

Condoleezza Rice3959d ago

"There are many areas but one focus that has been and will be key is how we use the online technology and PlaySation Network to involve more consumers in participating."

Pay close attention to that ^

juuken3959d ago

Oh, I'm paying veeeery close attention to that. This may be the start of a revolutionary PSN on the PS3.

kewlkat0073959d ago

Good day and good luck. Phil was good at what he did, so was the same case for Peter when he was at MS.

Condoleezza Rice -did you read the article "Eight Days canned due to lack of online mode"

What kind of faith do you have in sony's Infrastructure and that quote? Like I said good luck to this guy I wonder if he shares Phil's vision.

LastDance3959d ago

I think phil said he was keen on the casual and online games didnt he?......

I cant believe they (allegedly) canned 8 days because lack of online mode.....

I guess the industry is taking a new direction.

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The story is too old to be commented.