Square Offering Free Upgrade of Standard Lords Of The Fallen Pre-order

Square Enix are offering gamers who pre-order the standard edition of Lords of the Fallen a free upgrade to the limited edition.

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gaffyh1531d ago

This and Shadow of Mordor look like they could be both great new IPs

GusBricker1530d ago

This has been know for awhile.

You can also get a Lionheart DLC Pack if you pre-order at Gamestop.

shammgod1530d ago

I just preordered this today...i hope the soundtrack is good.

ThePowerpuffGirl1528d ago

I was still wondering whether to book now or buy on the day of release. I am very interested in soundtrack. I hope that will be the climate of the last trailer.

Joher1527d ago

Honestly I believe this limited edition will be awesome but I hope they release something like special edition with a figure and posters:) Then I will but it:) It's nice we can buy pre-order and have limited edition, very good idea for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.