Will Nintendo Announce Bayonetta For Super Smash Bros.?

With the next Nintendo Direct focusing on Bayonetta 2, will the titualr character make an appearance in Super Smash Bros?

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Loadedklip1508d ago

That would be sweet ... but would have been better if Smash Bros came out before Bayonetta 2 so it would work as advertising for Bayonetta.

Abash1508d ago

I don't think so, I believe the roster was roughly planned out before Nintendo even made the partnership with Platinum for Bayonetta 2

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Sakurai started SSB4 planning in Spring 2012.

Started development summer 2012.

TW101 at E3 2012 then Wonder-Red as a trophy.

Bayonetta being in is really possible considering Zero Suit Samus animation.

Army_of_Darkness1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Bayonetta is to violent and naughty to be in a game with Mario.

Big_Game_Hunters1508d ago

Imagine you think the direct is over, then the smas bros flame cross animation happens.

Kennytaur1508d ago

Smash does come out first, on 3DS in Japan. It would make sense for her inclusion for marketing purposes. I'd love it.

TekoIie1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

We've had this rumor every time there's a Nintendo Direct for a specific game.

Wonderful 101 everyone said Wonder Red.
Pokemon X and Y everyone said MewTwo.
Hyrule Warrior's everyone said there'd be a Zelda character.

And every time we've got nothing. It's not off the table, but it's incredibly unlikely if past directs are anything to go by.

DiscoKid1508d ago

True, but those franchises have representation in Smash, whether as a character or trophy. Bayonetta representation in Smash would be a good way to entice Nintendo fans to play her game.

NBT911508d ago

I'd have thought they'd at least put her in as an assist trophy or something.

weekev151508d ago

No. No they wont. Tends to be 1 mascot per third party. Sega already has Sonic.

wonderfulmonkeyman1508d ago

Just want to point out that Sega technically didn't have a hand in Bayonetta 2 on the wii u, and that that would make her more like a Platinum Games representative this time around even if Sega does own any part of the rights to the IP.

weekev151508d ago

Pretty sure Sega still owns all of the IP. Correct me if Im wrong though.

OtakuDome1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Nope, Nintendo owns the Bayonetta IP now. They bought it and took over development of the sequel once Sega cancelled it, hence it being exclusive to the Wii U.

Edit: It should be noted that this is also the likely reason why the original Bayonetta is being bundled in with Bayonetta 2 all of a sudden after three years of ignoring a Nintendo console.

weekev151508d ago

You got a link for that? Would be major news if true.

gangsta_red1508d ago

I believe Sega still owns the franchise and Nintendo just saved it from cancelation and helped with then development and are publishing the game themselves.

protocol101508d ago

Platinum owns the IP and I believe Sega just has publishing rights.

wonderfulmonkeyman1508d ago

No, you're right; Sega, as far as I know, still has rights to the ip.
Just not to Bayonetta 2, in particular, because Sega didn't put any funding forth for it, nor did they aid in the development process of it.
Hence, if the version of Bayonetta from Bayonetta 2, the one with short hair, made it into Smash, it would be more a representative of Platinum than of Sega.

OtakuDome1508d ago

I thought Nintendo bought the IP? Must have been mistaken.

wonderfulmonkeyman1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

I want to believe that she will be.
I really want to.

But the fact of the matter is, she doesn't technically meet the one actual requirement needed to get in.

Sakurai himself stated, in a past interview, that the only base requirement there is for a third party to be considered for Smash, is that they have to have had at least one game on a Nintendo system prior to the latest Smash games' release, and after that it's all down to whether or not Sakurai-san feels that he can make the character work well, and feel at home in, a Smash title.

Bayonetta doesn't hit that "past game on a Nintendo system" criteria.

Of course, Sakurai could always make an exception and put her in simply because she has had her Wii U debut planned for almost as long as the latest Smash has been in development, and even with the leaks so far it's been said that there are at least three unrevealed characters to go, but....
I'm not holding my breath, that's all.
I'll be over the moon with happiness if she does get in, though.

JuleyJules1508d ago

It's a great idea and by the time SSB4 comes out Bayonetta 2 will be out everywhere. While I really doubt it will happen having Bayonetta and Wonder Red might be a way to get new owners (and some current ones) interested in Bayonetta 1/2 and Wonderful 101.

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