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COG writes - We start our engines and go foot to the floor with both of the console exclusive racers set to hit retail shelves this 'holiday' season. Despite noticeable differences between the two it's obvious that both Xbox One and PS4 gamers have some serious racing to get to this fall/winter.

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stuna11598d ago

The title alone made me want to read the article. No bias! I think the fanbases of PC's Xbox1 and PS4 are all in for a treat.

Volkama1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

The article reads as being quite bias. Keeps giving unquantifiable, subjective victories to Forza and following up with "Don't worry, Drive Club is quite good too!"

That isn't necessarily bias, but I find it hard to believe he couldn't find one thing that Drive Club does better, even if it's just texturing or something. And some of the 'victories' seem quite flimsy.

system221598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

I think that he stated fh2 he enjoyed more. Usually when you enjoy one thing more than another it's because it does thingies better. That's not bias, it's just opinion. Personally I'm not interested in either of these games but since I own both consoles, I too would take fh2 over driveclub. More cars, open world, dynamic weather at launch, same res and frame rate etc. the sony fanboys might just have to accept that fh2 is at present simply a stronger title.... No matter how good people think the graphics look on DC. I think project cars is going to smoke both of them and is actually a sim so that's where I'm putting my money... And just to equalize, I'll probably buy it on ps4 since they've already hit target res with it on that platform

Volkama1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

I'm unlikely to get either title either, unless I buy a wheel and then I would probably favour Forza over Drive Club.

But the article is punctuated with direct comparisons that don't actually compare anything, with the same winner every time.

-Visually Forza is nicer because I like the colours!
-Gameplay Forza is nicer because Drive Club is too responsive!
-I prefer the Xbox controller
-Forza feels faster maybe!
-Forza's AI (that isn't representative of the final game as there isn't much data from players yet) is better, because I got bumped a few times in Drive Club!

Each one of those points may be valid, but stack them up without a single reference to something Drive Club does better, and the article reads as bias imo.

spence524901598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

So he thought FH2's graphics were better because the colors popped and Drive Club's were just gritty huh? Well I guess with that type of logic being applied to video games, Border Lands should be the best looking game of all time. All fanboyism aside with everything I have seen from FH2 and Drive Club, there is no way FH2's graphics are anywhere near as nice.

tuglu_pati1598d ago

Its just his opinion, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Not because he thinks different than you means he is wrong. Different persons different opinions.

spence524901598d ago

Yes that's absolutely true when you actually take your time to point out the differences between something. When you just say "Drive Club seems grittier" that doesn't tell me anything at all. If I put 10 people in a room and let them play drive club and FH2 and told them to compare everything down to a T as far as details go, I guarentee you all of them will say Drive Club looks better. You can't deny the sheer amount of detail they have in this game that FH2 doesn't.

tlougotg1598d ago

Like the ppl that thought that Xbone graphics were better in games when it game out because it had contrast and blacks turned up lol Pppl use to be like "omg" look how much better COD looks meanwhile it was because the system was actually purposely making deeper blacks and messing up the image, making it unnatural. Then Microsoft fixed that and fanboys went back in their caves.

Volkama1598d ago

If only all the fanboys would go back to their caves. <hint hint>.

VealParmHero1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

I think he was really speaking more about the visual style than the actual 1 to 1 comparison, but that's just my take. DC IMHO deff has the edge,and this is coming from a guy who is way more excited for FH2. But i need to ask, has anyone watched some of the more recent gameply available of FH2? They have been showing off night racing, weather etc. The city areas look so great all lit up at night, and the weather effects, lighting, reflections etc. are all far better than I originally expected. I'm just saying, for an open-world racer as big as FH2 to look as good as it does, at 1080/60 on the xbox one hardware is pretty impressive...I wouldn't sell it short.

JCOLE131951598d ago

Forza Horizon 2 is actually 1080/30, just like its predecessor.

VealParmHero1598d ago are absolutely right, i will fix that. I sort of just added that 60 on there out of habit or something. I really just meant the 1080 part, as it's nice to see xbox one achieve it for this title.

u got owned1598d ago

Well FH2 looks great in those videos.

SIMOIKIE1598d ago

FH2 is 1080 30fps.... but still game looks amazing! Don't see why ppl argue over it both will be good and there both exclusive ps4 fan get dc xbox one get FH2 simple! Plus FH2 is open world racing with vast off road exploration, dc is Sim racing with tracks.... better comparing dc to FM5 or project cars instead. FH2 will be in a class of its own as far as experience goes.

Naga1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )


You are mistaken. DC is definitely not a sim racer - it is an arcade racer.

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system221598d ago

You can't judge anything based on web photos and video. They are stepped on so many times, are taken from works in progress and the video conversions NEVER translate 1 to 1 on top of getting stepped on by h264 or flv

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lifeisgamesok1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

Forza Horizon 2 controls better, allows more freedom, has more cars and from what this guys says "seems faster"

Also worth noting Driveclub won't have dynamic weather for months after release

stuna11598d ago

You just can't help it can you??

Dynamic weather though a plus! Is most likely not the reason people are excited about DriveClub.

system221598d ago

theres not much to get excited about driveclub for. it has good graphics. that gloss will fade and will get boring fast.. especially considering the limited cars, no customization, no real tracks... just like grid and pgr.

Applejack1598d ago

So what are some of the positives that you found in Driveclub? I'll wait.

GodGinrai1598d ago


uh...It has great graphics? Aside from that I cant think of any reason, why I would pick it over FH. Does DC have a sublime car handling model like FH? How does the online features work in the real world?

We KNOW all this stuff works in FH2...they are building on what they did in previous forzas ( cars, community,online etc)..which DC is copying ..we already had car clubs in previous forza games.Its nothing new. What is DC bringing to differenciate itself from all the good racers coming out this fall, apart from looking pretty? Im getting FH and project cars...the crew and DC look fine, but I dont need 4 racers this fall. So ill take the two that look like they will deliver on ALL counts.

oxybulle1598d ago

"Also worth noting Driveclub won't have dynamic weather for months after release"

Where did you get this info (link please), last time I checked it was a day 1 patch/download.

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patrik231598d ago

DRIVECLUB looks much better. xbox one is just not powerful enough

Torque_CS_Lewith1598d ago

Patrick_pk44, patrik23, and pedrof93 seem like one person to me. I know one of them sent me a private message telling me ps4 had sold 10 million and tlou was highest rated next gen game and so on.

Anyone else got that public service announcement?

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