GameStop Cancels PS4 Ghost Edition of Destiny, But Makes It Right for the Customer

"GameStop makes things right with canceled preorders of the Ghost Edition of Destiny."

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JackOfAllBlades1506d ago

Good on them, I'm glad Gamestop is helping make things right.

f50liv_imposter11505d ago

if they know they cant meet demand why promise it in the first place. but yh i wouldn't mind having two copies of destiny for the same price

admiralvic1505d ago

"if they know they cant meet demand why promise it in the first place."

You act like these things are exact sciences, when they really aren't. GameStops distributor could tell GameStop they're getting them XYZ copies of the Ghost edition, which is how many they put up for preorder. Some time later the distributor could change the amount to a higher or lower sum or something along these lines happen and GameStop either opens more preorders (like we've seen with the Limited Edition as it's impossible to believe all the stock coming back is just cancelled preorders) or has to cut some people because their initial estimates were wrong. The only way to make it 100% accurate would be to keep preorders closed until GameStop has the literal stock, but lets be real here and accept that most of these things are not as rare or as in demand as the Ghost edition seems to be. Typically this stuff happens without anyone realizing it, since CEs are not known for being impossible to find.

On topic~

I see that the author is trying to sell this as a make good, but was it ever confirmed that the DLC was cross-buy? I recall some people hinting at it, but I don't recall it ever being outright stated. If so, then I wouldn't be too thrilled with this compromise as I never really thought the items in the LE (much less the Ghost edition) were worth the price and only got the LE because I figured if I bought the DLC separately I would end up paying the same or at most save $10 versus getting the physical goodies. I suppose I could just trade in the PS3 copy, but without the case (meaning I lose the steel book) I'll either have to take a steep penalty, try to sell the disc alone on eBay or trade it into a place that doesn't care and hope it's enough to even out the cost of the season pass. But in the end I suppose this is better than nothing.

3-4-51505d ago

They get a free $60 game out of it. Not bad Gamestop.

At least they tried to do something positive.

Prime1571505d ago

Whereas I don't think it's GameStop's fault, the ghost edition is selling for almost $150 more than it was...

I feel sorry for those consumers, but i feel more sorry for those GameStop clerks who have to deal with those customers being angry.

dumahim1506d ago

I wouldn't exactly call that making it right, but it's more than I would have expected from them. Just like the $50 gift card Best Buy gave out for cancelling Limited Edition orders.

famoussasjohn1505d ago

They did make it right. They could have chosen to not give them anything instead.

Transporter471505d ago

They did not even have to do anything at all. This is the first time Gamestop is doing something positive for gamers.

Khimarhi1505d ago

Wow, that is pretty great. Get a free PS4 game AND the ghosts edition of PS3.

SpitFireAce851505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

I hope my Destiny ghost pre-order from BestBuy doesn't get canceled...

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The story is too old to be commented.