New Trailer Dives Deep Into Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare MP

Publisher Activision has just released a brand new trailer for their upcoming first-person shooter Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The game is the first in the series being developed by Sledgehammer Games and the first installment to take advantage of the new three year development cycle.

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Zenith4k1502d ago

That add made me a little bit excited, having skiped ghosts might pick this up.

Crazyglues1502d ago

Oh you skipped Ghosts, Lucky you, it was nothing like what I was expecting, felt lame for a shooter... especially compared to Black ops..

-But yeah this one is looking really good, and people are already saying it plays really nice.. So let's hope it's good

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paddy951502d ago

My number one choice of games this year.

yankolo1502d ago

Titanfall copy....ill still get it...maybe...

RickHiggity1501d ago

Every sci fi game copies Titanfall now, doesn't it? Stupid comment is stupid.

Jvaughn6611502d ago

uplink looks pretty damn fun, looks like they jam packed this cod with lots of customization which is good. Hopefully they don't make you pay for some of the good weapon skins though. I miss working hard to get unlocks instead of buying them.

GearSkiN1502d ago

Uplink is from halo 343 did it first

ScorpiusX1502d ago

Reminds me of Griff ball , which is fun as hell.

JohnWayne_1502d ago

Wrong, unreal tournament says hi.

Noahmtodd1502d ago

Uplink seems like a blast. Hope it's actually as good as it looks.

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The story is too old to be commented.