The 5 Worst Playstation 3 Games You Love

Sometimes, people equate being told a game is bad as it cannot be liked. That's not true! Many terrible games hold places in our heart, and these five are dear to many PS3 owners.

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Sashamaz2576d ago

Nope I love none of them...

mixelon2576d ago

I love Deadly Premonition, but haven't played the others..

DP is so insane it's super enjoyable once you get past the clunkiness (which somehow makes it more enjoyable?)

bouzebbal2576d ago

none of these titles fits with the title.
I think the most perfect example would be Lair. Everyone hated it but i thought it was fun with the sixaxis.

OmegaShen2576d ago

Most aren't PS3 only and bs on WKC. The thing bad about WKC is the combat system, other then that.

It was a awesome game.

LookAtYou2576d ago

PS3- Africa...Lol yeah I said it, I actually thought it wasn't bad, and I think PS all stars is underatted by ALOT.

360- Too Human, I'll never understand the hate for that game, IMO its probably the best exclusive on the 360, at least concept wise, and it deserves a sequal IMO.

jambola2576d ago

Lucky :(
Iv'e always wanted to play Africa, but it's always so damn expensive

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