Xbox Japan GM Discusses Power Differences between Xbox One and PS4, Importance of Exclusive Games

The power difference between Xbox One and PS4 has been a topic of discussion for a while, but now that Microsoft’s new console has been launched in Japan, the local Xbox General Manager Takashi Sensui weighed on it and on the importance of exclusives.

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stuna11509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

The fact that in each countries that both consoles have released in and this issue needs to be addressed, indicates that there is a problem! Obviously there will be those who will overlook it as a problem or, simply say there is no difference! The fact that it is usually Microsoft management saying things to the contrary says otherwise.

These aren't limited events either, they are widespread! Even facts like reallocating resources from one part of the system to boost another part of the system is indicative of this. Right now the Xbox1 does have it's strengths that differentiate it from it's competitors, and Microsoft should focus on them, because at the end of the day, it's those differences that not only set it apart from it's competitors, but makes it a marketable buy because of it differences.

To be clear, what benefits do you get outside of Exclusive games if they both do the the same things and have the same abilities!? Something has to set them apart! To make them both appealing, and it goes beyond games.

Askanison41509d ago

Yeah I'd have to agree there. I'm not ignorant of the shortcomings of the Xbox but I wouldn't swap mine for a Playstation. Don't get me wrong, I used to love them but for me, the Xbox does all I want it to.

The TV and media stuff is top notch and I use it as an all in one box in my living room.
On top of that, the games that I prefer are the exclusives on Xbox. Of course there are ones that I miss out on by not having both but I don't mind that so much.

I'd like to see a higher focus on the different feature sets of the consoles being compared. I think you could argue all day and night about resolutions but the average user cares about the things that they can do with the console, not at what resolution it outputs.

For my money, if Sony pulls off the Morpheus and the PSNow functionality, I will be seriously considering a Playstation. But for now my preference is with my Xbox.

stuna11509d ago

That's exactly what I'm saying! People have preferences, and that plays a major role in their buying habits. Where Microsoft went wrong, is their message to the gamers or, presentation of what they were getting with purchasing a Xbox1. It a solid console with multiple benefits. And those benefits set it apart from the competitors! The Xbox1 is not the PS4 and, Visa Versa and that's a good thing.

darthv721509d ago

Performance differences are as much a part of a console generation as the consoles themselves. There is no rule that says all participants must be equal. or even that if one is lesser powered it must be cheaper.

those decisions are at the discretion of the companies themselves. i never buy a system because of its specs. i buy because of the games that appeal to me. If the system that has the most appealing games (fun factor being the most important) and that system is the least what.

Mr Pumblechook1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

"Sensui-san thinks that for future titles it’ll be possible to make games on Xbox One with a visual quality that will satisfy everyone... Secondly, he mentions that the quality of the graphics isn’t everything"

His comments are telling and surprisingly honest. He doesn't say the XBO graphics will equal the PS4, he says they will 'satisfy.'

GameNameFame1509d ago

Then why not stop denying and lie about it and focus on positive?

Trying to lie that x1 is somehow capable as ps4 is pure bs. We have facts. Indisputable facts on the hardware power.

Focus on positive. Not trying to lie about negative.

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Volkama1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

That's why I would of preferred it if MS kept their initial plans for cloud gaming and even Kinect. I have a PC that can render top quality games. I bought the Xbox partly because it looked like it might offer something different.

"like a PS4 but weaker!" doesn't really excite me.

Still, I'm optimistic that it can still differentiate itself with an online focus further down the line. The PR machine is just doing what it needs to do at the moment.

SaffronCurse1509d ago

I agree with you. Had they kept their original plans I would have had an interest in the console. As of now there's not really much that sets them apart in terms of gaming.

stuna11509d ago

I agree with you! I think we've all at some point been quick to count the Xbox1 out. But on that note, alot of this is associated with Microsoft. I think many were of the mindset that they were about to get royally screwed and, that has impacted the Xbox1 reception. Can it be fixed?? Yes, in time! With a little dedication on Microsoft's part.

To be clear, we as gamers have come nowhere near the true potential of the Xbox1! Or either other console for that matter.

ThePope1509d ago

Well said. I have both the PS4 and X1, but play almost everything on my X1. Why? Because I like the Xbox Eco system, online, voice control, and controller. I have a very nice/expensive home theater set up and I don't care is something is native 900p or 1080p. Because the question you,have to ask yourself is; " does 1080p make a game more enjoyable overall?"

The answer is no, 60 fps will but resolution doesn't make a game better. I play on a 60" TV and I can assure you I enjoyed games as much as anyone who played them at 1080p.

It's funny actually the PS4 bandwagon has made 1080 something so serious nothing excites them. Even games that run at 1080 aren't good enough. It's a little bit of a PC master race syndrome. I've been gaming for 20 years hardcore and I am absolutely thrilled with gen so far. And the best is yet to come.

GarrusVakarian1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

"The answer is no"

For you, maybe, but you can't talk for everyone, especially after previously saying it's something that "you have to ask yourself". I too have both consoles, and I chose to buy every multiplat on PS4...why? Because 1080p is preferable to sub-1080p to me.

Not to say that I wouldn't enjoy a sub-1080p game, I played tons of BF4 at 900p, and TF was awesome...but having the IQ that 1080p gives is definitely preferable to me and definitely impacts my enjoyment, even if only by a little (immersion (not seeing as many jaggies or shimmering), a little more aesthetically pleasing IQ).

"It's funny actually the PS4 bandwagon has made 1080 something so serious nothing excites them. Even games that run at 1080 aren't good enough."

Who are "them"? Why are you just lumping everyone in the same wagon due to a tiny minority of the 10 million+ PS4 owners who frequent sites like N4G having crappy attitudes? You can't just generalise like that.

3-4-51509d ago

There is no " Problem".

90% of the people complaining don't even own an XB1.

Just like 90% of the people bashing the Wii U controller Haven't actually used the thing.

* EX: Your car has better tires and has 5 more HP than mine. Doesn't mean my car has a problem.

stuna11509d ago

When I say problem, I mean perception wise! This is evident by Microsoft having to constantly clarify things. Sony doesn't have this issue.

MRMagoo1231508d ago

I would say MS feels there is a problem if they are getting outsold 3 to 1 world wide, you may not see a problem but obviously a lot of consumers do.

1508d ago
Lennoxb631508d ago

Seems like more people need to get learned. Even people who make their money off of these things. I'm a Xbox fan at heart but this is wrong. A high quality video does not increase immersion. HIgh quality graphics do. Resolution has little to do with how graphics look. Graphics are made up of polygons, not pixels or frames. A game can have 100,000 polygon character models (that's a lot for people who don't know) and run some sweet graphic fx, and have the game running at 720p and the game is still going to look gorgeous. I'm not saying we should settle for resolutions that low at all. What I'm saying is that resolution is only the clarity of the screen, it doesn't add on to the graphics. I can play Fallout 3 on my rig at 1440p and the graphics still look like crap (mind you this is one of my favorite games). And its going to look like crap at 720p, 900p, 1080p, and even 4k. People who shout these numbers nowadays don't know what the hell they even mean. A game with low polygon count and weak fx is going to look bad at whatever resolution. A game with great graphics is going to look great at whatever resolution.

Azzanation1507d ago

These are giant corporations, there is no problem just a hunger for more sales. MS dont care what Sony sells and Sony dont care what MS sells. When you have the media keep coming out low blowing a product like the X1, then its not rocket science for them to come out and defend there products. MS are doing an amazing job for those who own a X1 and the X1 is also an amazing machine. Might not be the most powerful but it certainly does what it needs to do + alot more.

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hkgamer1509d ago

i feel bad for the xbox division in japan. selling their consoles must be a fking hard job.

however i do understand that there main job is not to get a big market share in japan but to actually get more devs to develop games for them and maybe make it exclusive.

MRMagoo1231508d ago

Let's hope they don't get paid commission only.

mayberry1509d ago

The problem I see for xbox1 is one of the main differences between the two competing boxes is the "ms media funtionality". Sure it's boss in the U.S. and U.K. but most other areas will not be able to utilize the xb1's main media features! Sony has great media features too, that also don't transfer to other places, like the U.S. because of vastly different media infrastructure. So, it's selling advantage is mute to a great number of potential buyers.
Its a negative asset that should have mirrored functionally equivalents.

Death1509d ago

The Xbox One has less media features than the Xbox360. The social features and ability to snap between apps are very nice. When you snap to "tv" mode, it simply snaps to what ever device is using the HDMI input. When I snap to tv, it actually snaps to my 360 which is nice since I don't have to change inputs on the tv or use another HDMI input on the tv. I may change this to the PS3 though so I can use the Xbox One group chat while playing on my PS3 with friends.

Microsoft focusing on media first is a myth spread by Sony fans that need to justify their lack of features or PS4 purchase to this point. Sony has been more aggressive with their media plans, but they don't talk about it to the public since gamers think having the missing media features on both consoles is somehow bad this gen. Sony has always been good at telling fans what they want to hear. Of course the exception being the beggining of last gen when Sony was completely off the hook.

BlackTar1871509d ago

@ Death

That's delusion at it's finest.

No one said extra features is bad. It's this rosy only believe what i want to believe word you live in. The revel of the Xbox had almost nothing to do with games. That's a problem. Pretending that the upset people are implying extra features is a bad thing is asinine.

One showed it's focus and unless you're gonna say that just becasue Xbox showed Media Media media but didn't plan on that being the main focus then i must ask what kinda stuff you smoking and if i can get your dealers Ph#/

Death1509d ago

Delusion would be thinking at the reveal the system had nothing to do with games. Microsofts problem was they assumed gamers associated the Xbox brand with gaming and showcased the features that set it apart from the current gen. Little did they know most gamers are ignorant and had no idea the Xbox One was a game console.

Microsoft is not with out blame though. Their failure to explain the features and benefits of their initial proposal set the industry back a generation. The PS4 and Xbox One to this point have less features than the last gen, but prettier graphics. To me it has been the biggest disappointment I can remember. The 360 and PS3 are still the best place to game.

MannGamer1508d ago

you say "Microsofts problem was they assumed gamers associated the Xbox brand with gaming and showcased the features that set it apart from the current gen. Little did they know most gamers are ignorant and had no idea the Xbox One was a game console"
Now that is delusion at his finest. MS gamers remember not getting any support or 1st party exclusive in the end of the gen while sony was still launching game like The Last of US, Beyond, GT6 ...,
And then MS goes on making a presentation not talking about games but "Kinect". Of course people would be concerned about their focus.
And their launch price was ridiculous. So gamers was supposed to be clever enough to buy an overpriced and weak machine?

tlougotg1509d ago

Even with software it isnt a cut and dry victory so that alone wont make them sell their console. As it is Ps4 os is more fluid and faster and things like dling and installs are better on ps4. Microsoft indeed has been great with software updates but both will have similar software capabilities when its all said and done. True Microsoft is a software company and they might be better but how much better? Sony is already coming out with shareply, dynamic themes, etc...When ps4 released it already had streaming and other things xbone didnt and they just played catch up. Microsoft has suspend and resume and we all know ps4 will get that the same way Microsoft might get something similar to shareplay (they talked about sharing games or whatever but it never realized itself).
For me if they keep up the good work with the software updates thats great but i also want some new non kinect killer/innovative ips and i might pick one up when their is a price cut.

jnemesh1509d ago

Step 1: Minimize the difference in raw power

Step 2: Talk about all of the Japanese games you are moneyhatting.

Step 3: ????

Step 4: PROFIT!

strangeaeon1509d ago

As to step 1, the difference is minimal, contrary to what you desperately want to believe.

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