Smash Dated for November, Then Removed

"Some very interesting and suspicious news occurred this morning by way of Nintendo UK’s official store. Up until this morning, Amiibo, such as this one, were dated for release for November of this year. Therefore, since Amiibo are set to launch the same time as Smash Bros for the Wii U, this confirmed the release month of Smash as November as well" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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crusf1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

November is jam packed! My wallet can take no more after Broketober.
Smash Wii U
Assasins Creed:Unity
Halo Master Chief Collection
The Crew
Omg so many games.

AJBACK2FRAG1557d ago

To the writer of this article wtf I wrote that here just about a month ago . You can see it in my comments. Are you plagerizing me? I noticed at e3 the jump boots on Samus's boots could easily be swapped for Bayo's boot guns. This regretfully isn't the first time.

AJBACK2FRAG1557d ago

Ooops right comment wrong article sorry

wonderfulmonkeyman1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Isn't Bayonetta planned for late October? That's really close to Smash U, then, if this is true...

Abash1557d ago

November is a crucial month for holiday sales, especially for video games. Nintendo needs a heavy hitter to move Wii Us that month

Codewow1557d ago

Has there been any info on Multiplayer or is it just couch splitscreen?

SpiralTear1557d ago

Give us a release date already, Nintendo...

wheresmymonkey1557d ago

They wont give us a firm date on the WiiU version unitl the 3ds one is out, otherwise it could cannibalize sales as many will just wait for the WiiU version instead.

weekev151557d ago

Especially simce they are so close. 1 month aint a long time to wait. Wonder how many will double dip. Im thinking about it.

swice1557d ago

Count me as a double-dipper.

I don't care how far apart they release.
I'm getting both.

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