PS4/Xbox's One Resolution & FPS Are Genuine Issues When Deciding Which To Buy

"Alessandro Martinello, Creative Director at Swordtales believes that studios don't need to run their games at 720p when they can achieve all the visuals they want."

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Neonridr1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

I would say that the exclusives should be the more important deciding factor.

Just because one version runs at 1080p and the other runs at 900p doesn't mean that the player won't have just as much fun playing at the lower resolution.

Resolution and FPS really only matter when you have both versions running side by side in a comparison. Doubtful a player is going to notice every single time a game dips down 1-2 frames.

Obviously if we are talking about a significant difference (720 vs 1080) or large frame dips, then that is a different issue.

only an opinion, before everyone starts in on me.. :P

Why o why1531d ago

Look, if it bothered you last gen then it still should now right.

Too many people have forgotten their time and participation in digital foundry and lens of truth articles.

In truth. .other preferences may supercede differences in performance. Pad preference, online community, exclusives etc and that's fair enough but to relegate performance to 'unimportant' status is a cop out and stinks of hypocrisy and damage control

Neonridr1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Again, it really depends on what game we are talking about.

I just can't honestly believe that someone cannot have fun playing a game at 900p just because Johnny down the street gets to play it at 1080p. If it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy knowing that you are playing it at a higher resolution, then by all means, fuzz away. But does that really matter to someone else who is gaming on the other side of the world? What they see on their TV is all that matters. And if it happens to be 900p, then it may look fabulous to them.

And it didn't bother me last gen. I had a Wii, so clearly I wasn't bothered by resolution.. :P

I will definitely agree with you about gamepad, online community, where their friends play, as those can be huge factors in deciding what console you support.

rdgneoz31531d ago

Yep, the whole resolution crap started last gen. Digital Foundry and lens of truth articles for every single game. People putting games under magnifying glasses to see which had better AA. And the 360 won for the most part till the later half of the gen, when people knew how to work with the cell processor (which resulted in games like The Last of Us).

Now the same people are saying it doesn't matter since the shoes on the other foot. They have the same x86 architecture and similar CPUs, but different RAM and one has a better GPU. Both systems will look better over time, but the hardware advantage will still be there.

As fps deciding which to buy, if you had every system possible, wouldn't you want to buy the one that looks / runs the best (if you ignore where your friends play, as some would even take a hit from 1080p to 720p to play with their buddies)?

ramiuk11531d ago

damn right pal,
last gen its all your heard from xb360 owners,slight better res,grass etc on 360 was constant,with slagging off the cell.
even with uncharted,god of wars etc it was still an every day thing.

now ps4 is getting better results its all about the games,not how they look

Bennibop1531d ago

Resolution and FPS does not matter when you have bought a next gen system but it is important when you are initially buying in to next gen. Most games are multiplatform these days so I can see why resolution is being used as a tool to decide which platform to purchase, I use it to help me decide whether I buy my multiplat games on PS4 or X1.

Death1531d ago

Last gen the PS3 was supposed to "start the next gen when Sony says it starts" with their super computer game console that couldn't be exported to the middle east in fear they would be used to power nukes and end the world. Sony fed the public so much bullshit and hype the backlash was impossible to stop. When the PS3 launched a year later bringing in "True HD" with games that under-performed the 360 people noticed. Yes, last gen Xbox fans laughed at the PS3 fans for paying more and getting less.

Thankfully we all learned from past mistakes and aren't repeating them this gen. Were all a little older and a little wiser.

Of course that is wishful thinking and in reality the bottled up fanboy aggression Playstation fans had exploded weeks before either console was released. Sales matter today, multiplatform is more important than exclusives and paying to play online is cool. Media capabilities are also on the out. The only thing worse than rabid fanboys is rabid hypocrite fanboys that change their position when it supports their delusions.

Boody-Bandit1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

I hear you Why o Why.

I didn't get into all the fuss last generation about blades of grass or sites like Lens of Truth blowing up a freeze frame shot to x magnification just to show the most miniscule differences.

Now suddenly this generation it doesn't matter when the disparity is upwards of 40 to 60% higher pixel counts. It's staggering to see the deference as to now it's all about the fun factor. It all falls under the "it only matters until it does" level of hypocrisy. The exception being that this time around is we will only see parity on multiplat games that are not graphic intensive / demanding.

What is most telling is how Lens of Truth that made a living off of these comparison articles last generation appears to have cease to exist as soon as this new generation started. Their site is practically a ghost town now. So much for them being impartial.

Anyways I still don't put much weight into visual discrepancies although they do have a slight impact on my decision process. I rolled primarily with the 360 and XBOX the previous 2 generations and I'm rolling with the PS4 this gen but for different reasons which I wont bother getting into here.

Death1531d ago


You hit the nail on the head. There is not a 40-60% higher pixel count on the PS4. The PS4 and Xbox One are both outputting a 1080p signal to your tv. The differance on some games is the Xbox version is upscaling to 1080p while the PS4 is bypassing the built in upscaler to put out a native 1080p resolution. The texture quality is the same. The only way people know the PS4 version is "superior" is by doing a detailed analysis by sites like DF to let people know their version is better.

Did it make a differance last gen? No. The reason people made a big deal over differances last gen was due to the fact Playstation gamers constantly bragged about their super cancer fighting computer game console that was much better than the 360. You would think that the PS3 version would be better. When they weren't, it proved what a joke specs are at the end of the day.

We don't play sales, we don't play specs, we play games. Appearantly no one learned this lesson like they claimed.

Why o why1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Death. I swear you remind me of Rick Deckard from bladerunner....not knowing he was a replicant and all that if you catch my drift.

You're going to put all the onus on playstation fans for the vitriol spewed by 360 fans......what type of nonsense is that....7 years of lens of truth and d f and hearing how multiplats were visually better. exclusives ALWAYS gesture like ps fans ain't telling you the exact same thing now... We never changed our tune or devalued the importance of them because they dried up.

Yes my blinkered pal death...both hd camps have been hypocritical but this is a topic where you just have to shut up and take it... stop answering for and defending the hypocrites being spoken about and keep it moving....nobody is fooled by your 'dem first' defence...... its offence. Im not going to defend myself or ps fans for accepting online gaming now or relishing achievme..... I mean trophies or those implying rumble wasn't important.... you should try and do the same. Stop acting like the x camp are the victims all the're clearly not

Death1531d ago


Both camps are responsible for the BS they spew. Last gen Playstation gamers had an elitist attitude. This gen they still do. Nothing changes as far as general behavior. Xbox gamers have always been told by Playstation gamers that they have a shit system. It's been this way since the first Xbox was announced. Personally I don't get it. I've always been a multi console gamer and can see for myself what differances there are between the systems. To me technical differances are non-relevant since I am more interested in the content, not the box that delivers it.

Blade Runner was a great movie. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep is worth a read if you are a fan of the movie. It's a little dry, but still a good read. The books author and screen writer of Blade Runner both say Deckard is human. Ridley Scott who directed the movie wanted to blur the line. He thinks Deckard is a replicant. Good stuff.

Going back to the blame game, I think everyone is an idiot. I'm an equal opportunity hater.

Outside_ofthe_Box1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )


***" The only thing worse than rabid fanboys is rabid hypocrite fanboys that change their position when it supports their delusions."***

You do realize that's EXACTLY what you are doing now, right? Being a hypocrite I mean.

You're basically saying that it was OKAY for people to poke fun and brag about the differences last gen, but this gen it isn't okay? LOL FOH.

If it mattered to you last gen why would it all of a sudden not matter this gen? Unless you're switching positions when it suits your delusion of course.

AngelicIceDiamond1531d ago

Well I remember PS3 having freezing issues in certain games.

COD MW2, Black Ops, Fallout 3, Skyrim.

Why o why1531d ago

Off topic but surely Ridley Scott reinvisioned Deckard as a replicant..... too many rules laid out by the writer and direct alluded to him being one.

Yes. Im not sure any long term commenter here on n4g hasn't been guilty of hypocrisy or blinkerdom. Ill just function by the simple rules of Not giving if I cant take it when its given back.

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CYCLEGAMER1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

I agree, It took me owning both consoles to realize how ridiculous the whole resolution thing is. The difference is not NEARLY as significant as the gaming media and certain fans want you to believe.

Killzone, Ryse and Spiderman has exposed the industry on this.

Killzone is not 1080p native (and no one could tell), Ryse won best looking game awards while only being 900p, and Spiderman is probably the worse looking next gen title and runs at 1080p. 1080p has become more of a buzz word in the gaming community/industry.

Neonridr1531d ago

It's weird how suddenly resolution and FPS are now being used in place of words like quality or fun.

Like a 900p game can't be pretty or fun to play..

rdgneoz31531d ago

"Killzone is not 1080p native (and no one could tell)"

Single player is native, multiplayer isn't because of people crying about the past games not being 60 fps...

And 1080p is less of a buzz word than the "cloud"...

spacedelete1531d ago

i think the point is that with the money MS have they should have had a console that destroyed the PS4 in graphics but at best just barely looks similar and most games are more closer to last gen than this gen. Xbox 360 released in 2005. the Xbox One should have been a massive improvement not 900p and 30fps. its the absolute minimum they could do to be classed as next gen. when the Xbox One can't even run last gen remasters at a solid 1080p and 60fps you know the hardware is trash. Xbox One should be rivalling the high end PCs not aiming for parity with PS4.

ramiuk11531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

makes a huge difference on my 1080p 106" projector.
anything less than 900p looks jaggie at 14ft

i have ps4 and when i play killzone its looked amazing,when i went online i could tell it was not full 1080p as was jaggier,same issue with bf4 and when i borrowed inlaws xb1 titanfall was painfull to play on it,looked finew on my 47"tv but projector was really bad.

so resolution matters depending on your setup imo

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hkgamer1531d ago

agrred, the differences are minimal at the moment.

@why oh why

i think it was important last gen because we had many sloppy ports on the ps3 at the beggining of its cycle. some games on ps3 had an unplayable framerate or had graphics that looked like crap. we probably get less bad ports due to these consoles being very similar and devs dont have to work on the cell processor.

i do agree with what df does though. if you have both consoles you generally want to pick the version with better performance.

Why o why1531d ago

And thats fine with me. Those with both consoles should use df and lots positive aspects....just saying that 'some' made their comparisons fodder for pissing contests. Ultimately games were almost identical in terms of gameplay baring a few bad ports so thats a mute point when used this gen. The loudest never cared for gameplay parity when they were bragging. Luckily, like you stated, the two higher end consoles are more similar under the hood. That being said, some of the performance differences this genare actually greater than last gen.

Aquariusgamer1531d ago

I care mostly about screen tearing, which DOES ruin fun. X1 version of watchdogs had some screen tearing where as the ps4 version had none. That choice was pretty clear.

spacedelete1531d ago

thats BS. as a gamer you should want the very best possible experience so resolution and framerate are important. framerate especially as it does affect the gameplay. anyone who says they don't care are lying or trolling. i doubt anyone would want to play a game with 1fps even if its the best game ever as it would be a slideshow and affect enjoment.

Neonridr1531d ago

But if you are only gaming on the X1 or the PS4, what difference does it make what the people on the other side of the fence are playing at?

You think just because I have a PS4 I sit there with a big smile on my face knowing that the game I am playing might only be running at 900p on the X1 or might be 1-2 fps slower at times? I just want to enjoy the game.

CYCLEGAMER1531d ago are talking in extremes, of course no one wants to play a game at 1 or 2 fps or 480p. When people say it doesn't matter, they are speaking in terms of the differences between these two consoles, is 900p that much different from 1080??? Have you seen a ps4 exclusive that looks 50 percent better than an xb1 exclusive? The differences are exaggerated.

pinkcrocodile751531d ago


I bought the PS4 a week or so ago, I've had the Xbox One since launch.

I bought killzone and Infamous. Both look good.

I also bought Metro Redux and Diablo on Xbox One and they look good.

I'm not interested if one is sharper than the other or if the colours are more vibrant on one over the other.

My eye sight isn't brilliant so why should I care if I literally cant see the difference?

The answer is I really shouldn't

geddesmond1531d ago

In all honesty for this new generation my expectations were all games would be 1080p at 60 fps, not just some.

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incendy351531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Much more worried about net code and fps than pixels when it comes to most games. But anyways, they are all important.

Godz Kastro1531d ago

I was thinking about old school gaming last night. I was a big playstation head. I went to a friends house one day and played Halo and fell in love. I purchased an Xbox just for it where MS also introduced me to online play. Its been a long love affair since then.

I say that to make this point. I never once thought about frames or resolution back then...AT ALL!!! It came down to games...that's it. For the love of God lets focus on games again.

strangeaeon1531d ago

Well, there is a certain fanbase that will argue hardware until it's no longer in their favor, then it switches to games. I heard that argument many times during the 6th generation.

hkgamer1531d ago

i think re4 on ps2 proved a point.

bad port in a sense that it looked nothing like the gc version, good port in another sense that the ps2 could even achieve anything close.

but anyway, people loved the gameplay and didnt care about the textures, character models, lighting, framerate.

Megaplaynate1531d ago

Because it was not an issue back then, but after the PS3 launched it suddenly started to matter to some people. Sony's arrogance didn't help either, fanatics just wanted to prove that one version was better than the other.

Letthewookiewin1531d ago

The gap is only going to grow.

strangeaeon1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Uh no, the hardware is set, or does this argument only work in favor of the PS4? Need a "willfully ignorant" down vote.

Letthewookiewin1531d ago

Oh I forgot its going to close because the X1 sdk is going to bring the hardware to new heights, and the PS4 is already maxed out.

weirdo1531d ago

full hd is always preferable but if you prefer the games on a particular platform, then go with that platform. simple really :)

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