Nintendo confirms UK Amiibo pricing

The UK pricing for Nintendo's first Amiibo 'Super Smash Bros. Collection' of interactive figurines has been revealed.

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PeteyMcPickle1505d ago

If they're $12 in the US, then why are they £11 in the UK? Going off the current exchange rate they should be no more than £8 over here. If these things aren't region locked (if that's even possible), I'll just get them shipped over from America.

millzy1021505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

All prices over here include tax. They add tax on top of the advertised prices in America so they will actually cost more than $12.99 when the tax is added on to it. It will probably cost more than 11 quid to get them imported as you'll have to pay import tax (although I don't know how much). Also the pound is high so everyone likes ripping us off because of exchange rates.

Nevers0ft1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

I agree. I'm not exactly their target market for these but they are priced higher than I expected. I think far more parents would impulse-buy these for kids if they were in the magical sub-£10 price range, once you enter double digit prices people will begin to baulk.

ChickeyCantor1505d ago

"I'll just get them shipped over from America."

Why bloat your order with shipping costs that might go up to 20 bucks.

Nate-Dog1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

If you're buying multiple you will save money. Yet to be seen if they're region-locked or not though.

@Conversion prices: Same as always when it comes to UK and European prices, nothing new here.

millzy1021505d ago

Just checked Amazon, it's a straight conversion 12.99 pre order price so not really sure what's going on with the prices.

Nodoze1505d ago

They need to confirm how they function, pricing is great but WHAT DO THEY DO?

the_dark_one1505d ago

pretty much like skylanders in a way

NintySonySoft1505d ago

Yup, Big N will make loads of $ with this. Any gaming company to cash in on the Skylanders Fab has to be Nintendo! I mean they can do it alone with Pokemon lol!