Press Start Edition #3

"However, working takes up almost twelve hours of my day (travel inclusive) and I spend a fair bit of time on the writing front when I’m at home, so I leave myself with little time to focus on the important things in life – blowing alien heads to pieces and saving princesses. That’s not necessarily a bad thing for me, though, because it’s taught me to better appreciate the times where I DO have that opportunity to play, and the distance between those times leaves me with the same excitement to pick up a game from where I left off, as I would starting a brand new game entirely."

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MSBAUSTX1505d ago

This is a good article. I like the ideas for TLOU and I like the new 3DS a lot. I will be buying one. I am not in the category of a "parent" that is uneducated and doesn't know the difference in the systems, mainly because I stay educated on these things and my son is only 3. However, the name is absolutely idiotic and further shows that there is someone that needs to be fired at Nintendo. Call it at least the 3DS 2 or Super 3DS, as this author suggested. There is going to be huge confusion when this releases unless they are pulling all older incarnations of the 3DS off of shelves and only selling this one. That option seems smarter if they don't want confusion. We will see I suppose.

N4g_null1505d ago

I am with you bad name but we have tons of bad names that sell simply because people want the product so bad. Plus they can simply stop selling the old products, just like apple. Just like ms.

MSBAUSTX1505d ago

Yeah I would say the best bet would be to stop production on the existing systems and only offer the new ones. That way confusion is limited. I know that i am buying one for sure though.