Konami will release Metal Gear Solid 4 on June 17 in Spain

Konami Digital Entertainment Spain confirms that Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots will be available from next Tuesday June 17 at points of sale of video games usual throughout Spain.

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Shadow Flare3774d ago

Sort of wish i was spanish right now, so i could relive one the best games ever made for the first time once more

theKiller3774d ago

so i expect huge sales there!!!

skillednutter3774d ago

Was it not Truck Driver Strikes that prevented the original release date in Spain?

Gutted for them to have to wait longer BUT at the same time they still have all the excitement yet to come!

mariusmal3774d ago

i live in portugal. and we only saw it delayed for one day because of the truck drivers strike

spoz3774d ago

1 day delay in portugal ?

where do you live mate? algarve's fnac only got it today..

FAQS3774d ago

Q:1 day delay in portugal ?
where do you live mate? algarve's fnac only got it today..
A: In Porto was 1 day delay too, it's sad that only now Algarve got it! Go buy it now, man (if you didn't have it already)!

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heyheyhey3774d ago

Konami did a really good job with the simultaneous wordwide release thing

it's just one of the things that make MGS4 so special

BigKev453774d ago

HAHA. We have ours already Spain. The wait must be painful.

swift3774d ago

my god you are so funny!!!! grow up.

mariusmal3774d ago

ahah you are so funny.... you got it first ... u are incredible

FAQS3774d ago

Q: It's funny to make a joke of gamers that, for reasons they can't control, couldn't play this magnific game yet, but in fact all they wanted to do was just to play this game at the same time other gamers of the rest of the world, being part of an unique experience wolrdwide?
A: NO!, IT'S NOT F#CKING FUNNY, so Shut up!...

pwnsause3774d ago

man, you guys are in for a ride

travelguy2k3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

either which last time i checked is in North America, but no one except Microsoft includes us in a North America Launch. There were pre orders for Halo 3 and GTA4 for the 360.

I heard it could be here as early as Friday, but who knows, i will keep checking for it. Oh and its $900.00 pesos for the regular edition ($90.00 USD).

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