Reggie expects 2 million Wiis sold by mid-January

After Pierre-Paul Trepanier's positive outlook on the profit-making power of the Wii and its ensuing availability (see below), it comes are no great shock to learn that Big Reggie Fils-Aime, head of Nintendo of America, fully expects the Nintendo Wii to shift a clear one million units across North America over the next two or three weeks of the steady Christmas build up.

Moreover, Fils-Aime has not only predicted Nintendo will reach the one million mark by early December, but also that Wii sales will magnify and progress to two million by the middle of January-of course, the Japanese, Australian, and European launches will aid in that delivery of that projection.

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PS360WII4375d ago

And prove that the video game business is about "video games" and not movie, music, and all that other jazz. I want games and the games should be good too ^.-

ChickeyCantor4375d ago

they already sold almost 1 mil, and its not even 1 week, so they will.

DaGhost4374d ago

no they didnt almost sell 1 mil

DaGhost4374d ago

and get bored the wii is going to stop selling

PS360WII4374d ago

or wait they could start play the Wii and realize that this IS how games should be played and buy more!!!