Frugal Gaming Review: Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition

Combatfeels simply sublime, the jump up to 60fps from 30fps in this next gen version is like using some expensive fragrant lube rather than spittle.

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XBLSkull1563d ago

Game is fantastic. Unfortunately I've been playing it on PC/X360 for 3+ years so I'm a little bored with it, but it is still killer - especially for those who haven't indulged. I just pray Destiny caries me over until the Master Chief Collection. Actually if it doesn't, I could probably use a nice break before gaming prime time hits in November.

Summons751563d ago

Got Diablo 3 on launch for PC and loved the hell out of it but haven't gotten a chance to play much. Just finally got a chance to try the console version and loved the controls so much better than the PC, totally going to pick this up seeing how the console version comes with Diablo 3 included.

MasterCornholio1563d ago

I got the game a few days ago and I'm starting out with a Prick Doctor. So far I love the class and the game plays flawlessly on my PS4. I haven't had a chance to try out multiplayer yet but I guess it's just COOP right?

fiveby91563d ago

I may get this game. I played D3 on PC but do not have RoS. I'd buy it for PC but my rig is getting long in the tooth and I am not certain it would play so well on it. Some couch coop sounds fun though. I am glad they will release patch 2.1 for console but wonder why they won't include Seasons. May go grab this today. Between this and Destiny, I will have my gaming time filled going into fall.

shammgod1563d ago

bought this to burn time leading up to i think i will be playing this more than destiny.

I had the PS3 version, but didnt really dig in as much, right now i am addicted and can't stop playing.

Buy this, it is the definitve version