Rumour: No more dashboard revamps for 360

Microsoft has reportedly told developers that no further dashboard revamps will be forthcoming, and that no further additional features will be added to Xbox Live other than minor tweaks to improve performance.

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Vecta3774d ago

This would make zero sense what so ever, especially considering they are still looking for ways to unclutter the marketplace.

I mean unless microsoft just wants to bend over and give up...

Mike Bowden3774d ago

Or unless another console is on the way...

The person who told vg247 is a developer, so I don't know why he'd make it up, tbh.

marinelife93774d ago

I think they're diverting resources to the new console. I hope it's really awesome. I'm no brand loyalist I pickup whichever console has the most power combined with the best games.

ry-guy3774d ago

I think is junk because they were just talking last week about how cluttered up the Marketplace was and they wanted to revamp things.

This is a BS rumour.

Sayai jin3774d ago

@Mike Bowden - Updating or not updating the dashboard has nothing to do with the console. They are talking about XBL.

The Lazy One3773d ago

They already announced XNA implementation into XBL, and it's very doubtful they won't integrate that into the blade system somehow.

This rumor is uber fud.

This probably came from the fact that there isn't going to be a spring update this year in the traditional sense. They decided to up the performance of the live service after what happened this x-mas instead of doing anything major for the spring feature wise.

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Silogon3774d ago

Why mess with perfection? The xbl interface is solid. If a new console is on the way it's not going to go over well for Microsoft. I'm just telling it like it is.

Try getting a new 400 dollar machine off the ground while you just iced your last one inside of 4 years again and while Nintendo is controlling the market with their garbage casuals and Sony is on the climb to 20 million units by years end.

Xbox next would be a bomb on an epic scale.

DarkSniper3774d ago

This is surely terrible news for Microsoft. By Microsoft not announcing any updates to a console that sorely needs improvement, it shows that the corporation is preparing to make an announcement of their new console to compete with PLAYSTATION®3. Dark Sniper finds this to be a travesty to those who have wasted their money by buing Xbox branded products.


psycho3603774d ago

On another note MS told devs no games would be forthcoming. What kind of useless info/rumors float nowadays. They are a software company and constantly looking to keep their stuff updated. So why not with software side of 360?

Mike Bowden3774d ago

Because with 360 games, things are tied into the dashboard, like maybe the rumoured inclusion of clans and stuff like that. Devs would have to tie that in.

Telling devs that no new major features would be added, means they can go ahead and development for the platform and be certain that it's future proof.

Makes sense to me, anyway.

Mr BlueScreen3774d ago

I love Bill Gates!!! 000000000000100000000100000100 01 01000100010 BOOOM!!

power of Green 3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

MSFT says no more 360 will be made they're packing it up. Also Heard Windows will be disscontinued.

EDIT: I forgot about Bill Gates giving away all his cash.

What MSFT announced earlier this year was just a dream.

DarkSniper3774d ago

Sony has incorporated a 10 year product lifecycle to ensure that PLAYSTATION®3 is capable of updating itself into what's currently going on in the stage of technology. In a sense, PLAYSTATION®3 can be your PlayStation 4 since it can update itself to the next level of graphics and performance.

Microsoft not updating their firmware further shows their next desperate move by announcing the Xbox 3 which will finally have everything that PLAYSTATION®3 has and probably a little less. They have clearly shown that have no confidence in the long term success of their product.

3 consoles in 10 years is not a good sign for the Xbox division. What will it take for you Microslaves to stand up for yourselves and stop getting your money stolen by Microsoft?


GiantEnemyCrab3774d ago

Yup, time to throw my 360 away... MS is packing up! LMAO.

Syronicus3774d ago

I would be more than happy to welcome the idea of no more revamps for the dash. It may not be the best as it stands right now but at least it is what I am used to. I personally liked it better before they made the last change but that's just MHO.

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