Final Fantasy VI Advance Dated

Square has now officially announced and confirmed the USA release date for the remake of Final Fantasy VI, titled - you guessed it - Final Fantasy VI Advance. Final Fantasy VI Advance will hit US stores on February 2nd, 2007.

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PS360WII4353d ago

So my recollection of the FF's on Nintendo will be complete! It's the little things that make ya happy ^^

kmis874353d ago

Awesome. This game is in my opinion the best ff ever.

No villain was better than Kefka. Sephiroth was definitely one badass mf, but Kefka was just a guy who you could hate with everything you had, and he wasn't an enemy who you beat every time you played him.

And don't even get me started on the opera scene. Best Videogame Moment. Ever. Nothing else even comes close, so don't even try to say otherwise.