Outrage at 'paedo' GTA site

MCV: The Sun reports that spoof URL leaves fans of Rockstar franchise disgusted

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HandShandy3874d ago

For anyone who's outside the UK, The Sun is the most read newspaper in the UK and it's primarily written for the working class with it's content heavily biased, badly written and rupert murdoch propaganda.

Anyone featured in the paper that has been convicted of a crime has been branded a "beast" or a "Fiend" or a "Paedophile" simply because it stirs up hatred with the public. What the Sun says, the people do.

Just because of one Welsh idiot wanting to sell his story about the ingame spoof webiste, this could potentially be a disaster on a biblical scale for GTA4 in the UK. I hate the Sun, I really really hate that propaganda, this is yet another silly report to bring the gaming industry into disrespute.

gunnerforlife3874d ago

i do agree with u about the Sun, but at the same time you cant have something like that in a game.

Sanpaku3874d ago

So lame n4g finally decided to post this crap story. MCV were lame in doing a story on this story on the first place. I'ts just so mindless.

Who cares if The Sun was the centre of the universe or a crap paper. The story still sucks and yes you people comment on the paedo thing, as if it were ever a present threat in the game. Idiocy.

Truplaya3874d ago

people cant take a joke? I cant imagine what would happen if people like this watched a few south park episodes.

cwir3874d ago

That is a great comparison. South Park jokes about EVERYTHING they want (and I love that about SP). How come Rockstar can't? Both are for adults.

Stories by The Sun are the worst crap you could imagine, like someone explained above. Making horror or sensation out of nothing in most cases, no matter about what. The best action is to ignore that.

Ali_The_Brit3874d ago

UGH pathetic idiotic moronic newspapers

i cant even reply im that mad this is bullsh!t

peksi3874d ago

You it's ok to kill people and do crimes but some black humour causes "outrage"... just like that hot coffee incident. How pathetic can you get?

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The story is too old to be commented.