The Xbox One Launches In 29 Countries This Month, Can It Close The Sales Gap With New Territories?

MegaJon28 writes "The Xbox One has been selling slower than the PS4 since the original November launch. It's estimated that the Xbox One has sold around 5 million since launch while the PS4 has exploded for over 10 million consoles sold. The Xbox One has not been available is as many countries as the PS4 until now. This month Microsoft will be launching the Xbox One in 29 countries. Are new customers the answer to Microsoft's slower sales?"

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Thatguy-3102415d ago

Microsoft has the Xbox one in the big countries out already. Most of the ones that are listed are small ones which won't make a big difference.

dirkdady2415d ago

I think article failed to mention Xbox one selling also selling at slowe rate month over month than 360 in US.

mikeslemonade2415d ago

I don't think there are that many people who were holding out for the X1 when the PS4 was already out at a cheaper price and play the majority of the same games. Cheaper price and a slightly stronger system is the PS4.

gfk3422415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

I don't think that it will make a big difference.

I'm saying this because in my country you can find Xone in every electronics store even if Xone hasn't been released officially. So, the consoles are already in "no - released" countries, as they are imported from other countries.

In conclusion, no major difference will be seen with this expansion as I'm sure that Xone has been already sold unofficially in those 29 countries and hence anyone that wanted the console already bought it.

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nX2415d ago

PS4 will still win this month in overall sales despite these countries added to the X1 market.

mixolydian_id2415d ago

Surely, it will make a difference.

If they were to sell one 29th of what they have already sold in all of those countries... then we'll be looking at a double in worldwide sales within the coming year.

Then add the extra sales received from buyers in already-released territories who haven't already taken the plunge. It'll take time, and they'll have to see each area gets it's fair share of PR bumph. So it is still a possibility.

PS4 is winning the popularity contest at the moment. I still don't want one.

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aceitman2415d ago

I don't think it will , heck the ps4 will be hitting the 200,000 sales mark a week ,starting with madden and will continue from there out with games coming out. these small countries will only add a few thousand a week , I wont be surprised if the ps4 continues to beat the x1 even on the launch dates of x1 at other countries . ps4 is already tripling the x1 sales now world wide with no major game releases. and being beat in home turf usa by 20,000. plus x1 had a good start but has been doing nothing but dropping in sales even with a price drop, which a lot said the x1 was not selling as good as the ps4 because of the 100$ price difference , but that didn't make a difference . and it is not good publicity for x1 around the world to see sales going down hill for x1 , it can play a factor in people not making a purchase of x1 .but that's my take .

Funantic12415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

29 countries? Yeah that'll make a difference. What idiot wouldn't think so? Some people are in denial or stupid. To be honest for the PS4 to be in way way more countries than the X1 it should have way more of a lead than it does. 29 countries not cities...think about it.

morganfell2415d ago

No, it will not make a difference. The people that see 29 and think those countries are full of people staving for an Xbox One are simply wrong.

MRMagoo1232415d ago

Yeh being 2 to 1 isn't much and selling 3 to 1 world wide isn't much either /s

I nearly gagged by how stupid your comment was.

ltachiUchiha2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

Obviously it will help a little with sales but it wont be nothing major. U do know that every area the xb1 is already out in is the MAJOR areas the 360 had its STRONGEST sales, all the other territories it hasn't launched in were all areas the 360 didn't do very well. Also u forget that the ps4 is outselling every console that was ever created by a faster rate including the ps2 in its 1st year. If thats not fast enough for u then u need to wake up from your delusional colma your in & face reality.


Im not trying to sound fanboyish but even with the launch in 29 areas, i believe the ps4 will still lead in sales for september because of the Destiny & TLOU Bundles.

ABizzel12415d ago

Will it close the sales gap?

Weekly Yes. Instead of 3:1 ratio in favor of the PS4 they should be able to stabilize things to 2:1 or less (meaning around +80k sales weekly).

Overall NO. To start close the sales gap overall the XBO has start outselling the PS4 weekly / monthly / annually, and these 29 countries aren't going to make that happen.

The XBO should win September in Worldwide sales due to launch sales inflation, and if it doesn't it spells SERIOUS trouble for the brand going forward, and a real price drop has to happen, and soon $329 - $349. This is the beginning of the make or break season for the XBO. September - December is their first real chance for a turn around, and if it doesn't happen they have to wait until most gamers start looking for a 2nd console.

Best of luck.

Eonjay2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

The question posed is "Can It Close The Sales Gap". Now the sales gap is 5 million. In order to close the sales gap, it has to sell more than the PS4 in a given period of time. No one thinks it wont increase sales. But can it close the gap? That is the question. If I am 5 million ahead of you, you have to sell MORE than me to close the gap going forward. Because of this, the answer is probably no.


You beat me to it. You are right. You have to outsell the PS4 to close a gap.

n4rc2415d ago

Of course the gap will close.. The ps4 is already in these countries so their sales have already been counted.. All x1 sales in these countries will close the gap

By how much is the question.. I can't see it selling huge amounts but it still adds to the total

Rimeskeem2415d ago

It won't make a huge difference

SoapShoes2415d ago

The only system it has a chance of closing a gap on is the Wii U and that is doubtful. Maybe for a time but Wii U will bounce back again with Smash Bros.

BG115792415d ago

To close the gap between the xbone and the PS4, the xbone has to surpass monthly global sales of the PS4, with large numbers and for several months.
Seeing that the PS4 is beating the xbone in every country in which they both being released, I will say no.

zerog2415d ago

Sure, it will make a difference but considering theres still a slowly widening gap in all the countries its already in all it will really do is slow down how fast the total world wide gap is growing by just a little bit is all, it still won't close the gap. They may eventually close it in the U.S. but world wide most likely will never happen.

Kayant2415d ago


"Of course the gap will close.. The ps4 is already in these countries so their sales have already been counted.. All x1 sales in these countries will close the gap " - The only way the gap is closing is if XB1 starts to outsell PS4 by a large margin in order to catch up to current PS4 sales because you're forgetting the margin will continue to increase because PS4 sales are not suddenly continue fall off the cliff. Also unlikely XB1 will up sell the PS4 WW because it's been outsold in the very same countries both are in mostly and the fact that those countries with the exception of china are Sony, PC, Nintendo countries.

Lastly given how MS are handling these launches with barely any advertising sure tell you want they expect from sales.

morganfell2415d ago


For the gap to close, these 29 countries where Xbox 360 sales were of no consequence have to overcome the PS4's 3:1 sales ratio. Does that seem even remotely possible? Does that wisp float around on logic or sheer hope? It's absurd to think these locations will close the gap. If anything these are 29 more locations that will drain resources MS should have spent elsewhere.

I said that dropping Kinect was a huge mistake as that is the one boon MS had. They will never catch the PS4 on a power basis. They should have played to their strengths.

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TheWackyMan2415d ago

The total of all those countries listed is roughly 3,307,321,954. That's a lot more people that are going to have access to purchase an Xbox One.

ltachiUchiha2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

The United States was Microsofts most successful place with sales & guess what? The ps4 has outsold the xb1 since both launched der every month. That should already tell u that these other territories will have a small effect on sales between the 2.

n4rc2415d ago

Yet 360 beat ps3 in NA.. Now ps4 has picked up way more traction so i dont get why people think last gen has any bearing on sales this gen.. Things obviously don't stay the same forever.

Eonjay2415d ago

So both Xbox One and PS4 has access to the same 3,307,321,954 people but this doesn't mean the majority will now chose the Xbox One.

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LGM3132415d ago

ZERO people waiting in front of the stores to get an XboxDone in Japan stores. I think the day one edition that they have there will be coming back to amazon US soon.

badboyz092415d ago

Serious Question: Could this turn out like the Dreamcast?

Dudebro902415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

The Dreamcast failed for many reasons, sales was just one of the many issues Sega had in general.

Plus the Xbox one is not a failure. Its simply not doing as well as the ps4, and on n4g, the mentality of if you're not first you're last reigns supreme.

megajon2415d ago

Doubt it, piracy was one of the big reasons the Dreamcast failed. The Xbox One probably won't run into piracy issues as bad as the Dreamcast.

CKPan2415d ago

Xbone is a failure; in every aspects, that's why it's not doing well as PS4.

randomass1712415d ago

That's a very big maybe since Microsoft usually does best in the western regions anyway. It could help them but closing the gap is pretty unlikely with PS4's reception.

cyclindk2415d ago

This could... sink the console. What if it just straight up doesn't sell anywhere...

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