EDGE: Civilization Revolution Review

The game leads its player carefully through the complexities of the system so that the rules never seem overwhelming and options are always clear and defined at each stage, even when the choice grows giddying. While the streamlined and brisk approach that brushes over some of the minutiae of the previous games might cause some PC fans to baulk, Revolution has concentrated rather than diluted the Civ experience, creating an expression of the concept that's perfectly suited to its platform.

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Lord_Ash3959d ago

I'm getting this game day one, I've played Civ 4 again yesterday and it's not as fun as this, I guess it's better suited for gamers like me (don't like these kind of games that much)

falviousuk3959d ago

Your getting it day one. The game came out 3 days ago (at least in the uk it did)
oh and its great fun and something completely different to usual console fare.

cwir3959d ago

I've been playing it all weekend and it is just great! Love it!

And mind you that I've been playing Civs since the 1st one (still playing Civ4:BtS). All those of you who played Civ on PC - don't even play first two difficulty levels. Finished Chieftain in 2,5 hours and Warlord in 4h. King is where the fun starts (almost done after 6h) and I will definetely enjoy the last two :).

I absolutely recommend this game :)

iHEARTboobs3959d ago

the game comes out early July for the States? I really liked the demo so i'm really looking into purchasing this.

Tomdc3959d ago

I own at the game =) I was top of leaderboard for a while on the first game of the week, then I fell back to 5th and on the second game of the week im currently 1st =)

online play is a bit gay tho, a bit of trouble connecting and theres hardly anyone on!

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paul_war3959d ago

This is a great game, as addictive as any civ!

Don't know why Europeans got it a month early, but I'm not complaining.

MK_Red3959d ago

8 from EDGE. Nice even though I still fully believe that EDGE sucks.

BulletToothtony3959d ago

and in Edge's eyes the game would've been just as good... lol

Wow honestly man... edge just exposed it's true colors.... so sad that some people are not able to enjoy how great mgs4 is because of their hate toward the ps3.. :(

Did you buy one yet mk.. should take advantage of the $100 from walmart... oh wait you're in europe right

Silogon3959d ago

Wow, Edge thinks this is just as good and epic as Mgs4. So glad we don't have bias professionals in this area. I mean, I'd hate to see consumers getting steered into the wrong direction.