Here Are Destructoid's Top Ten Games From PAX Prime 2014

Destructoid: PAX is always a wonderful show because of the way that it melds the presence of both the industry's largest games and the smallest developers. Into giant triple-A titles? Yup, PAX has plenty of that for you to get your hands on. Indie or experimental stuff more your speed? Fret not, there are tons of hidden gems at every turn to keep you constantly busy.

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nicksetzer13127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

PAX was pretty slim, (especually as far as showing anything new) but right after at Sony's pre-TGS show, Hot shots and persona 5 got me the most excited. Love both those series.

@enemy hence saying "but right after"... PAX seemed pretty weak to me, plus most of those were already announced/shown way before pax.

Enemy3127d ago

Those weren't at PAX.

nucky643125d ago

agree on hotshots....biggest thing for me was it looks like there's going to be a course-creator to make/share courses - I've wanted it forever in hotshots and can't wait to get a hold of it.

incendy353125d ago

Interesting list. Seems they like very specific genre's :D

lonelyplayer3125d ago

Titan souls and bloodborne for me

Der_Kommandant3125d ago

They need to change the game Bloodborne for System Seller

Rhezin3125d ago

How bout Apotheon, N++, Helldivers, or Hotline Miami 2? I wonder if Hyper Light Drifter was there..