The Crew Console Beta Registration Now Open

According to a tweet from Larry Hryb, you may now register for The Crew on PS4 and Xbox One. This beta is due out by the end of this month.

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Cra2yey33074d ago

Nice, signed up. Need to play a racer.

SniperControl3074d ago

It's not very good TBH, ubi need to do ALOT of work to fix this game.
This went from a "guaranteed purchase" to " pick up for £5 during a steam sale".

Massive downgrade from e3 2013.

Driving mechanics are similar to Watchdogs(like driving on ice)
Graphics are definitely last gen.

Cra2yey33074d ago

I agree I'm not wow'd by it either, but I would like to drive around my town if its even there to see how it looks.

CernaML3074d ago

It was quite possibly the worst racing game I played at E3 2014.

bitedabullet213073d ago

whens the last time you played it..i played it last week and maybe they did some tweaking because the driving felt fine to me

boing13074d ago

Registration is open since GamesCom.

ShowanW3074d ago

I registered for both consoles.

Hopefully I get on at least one of them.

If I get in on both, I'll just give away one keys to the other console.

GasTankKiller3074d ago

This is the best news for today. Registered and ready for my email Ubisoft.

MisfitsInc3074d ago

registered for both,if i get them, i'll be giving away the XB1 beta code.

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