Bill Gates: 10 Memorable Moments

PC World writes: "For more than 30 years he has roamed among us, a strange hybrid of Napoleon Dynamite and Vlad the Impaler. Nerdy yet ruthless, brilliant yet hobbled by blind spots regarding his company's failings, Bill Gates leaves an indelible mark on everything digital. Yet on June 27, he'll step down from his day-to-day duties at Microsoft to devote himself to philanthropic activities.

With snark in our hearts, we humbly offer ten of the most memorable moments of Bill's career, with suggestions for suitable career moves he might consider if he decides to follow the logical path indicated by each milestone."

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timmyrulz3778d ago

Number one moment would be when he checks on his bank balance every morning, or even when he swims through his cash like scrooge mcduck

user8586213778d ago

11.) Stupid enough to release the x-box
12.) Stupid enough to release the 3fixme

Condoleezza Rice3778d ago

Those were the good err,software days.

timmyrulz3778d ago

Another account Nasim? if you type some nice things from time to time you wont lose all your bubbles within a week

Bill Gates3778d ago

You people should have seen me (Bill Gates) the night before MGS4 was released. I had the sh!ts, I couldn't sleep, and on top of that my beloved NG2 flopped....AHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHA

But oh well, I'll get you next time Sony with my 3rd Xbox. Which of you BABOONS will continue to give me your money?


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The story is too old to be commented.