Everything You Need to Know About Destiny

IGN explains what Destiny is...and nearly has a meltdown doing so.

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Mikelarry2609d ago

5 more days, if you are getting it on psn add me mikelarry85

ScottyHoss2609d ago

PSN: ScottyHoss

Same here, hmu anyone who's getting it

Sevir2609d ago

PSN gamers, add me too. SEVIREDgamer

FamilyGuy2608d ago

(pronounced FamilyGUY)

I'll be on as well ^_^

kopite962609d ago

i tried the beta, wasnt for me.
found it quite boring tbh, but for all you guys getting it i hope you enjoy it

dericb112609d ago

Been a while since anyone has a personal opinion without phantom disagrees. Good news is there are many more games for you or others to enjoy this year.

kopite962608d ago

tbh i really dont get the whole fanboy thing, i find it pointless. i prefered the days before the internet.

people had a snes or a megadrive, you went your mates house sat and played, you read reviews in magazines and went and bought the game, if you didnt like it then you sold it.

games didnt need constant updates, they were completed and sold (although some games could have done with more time spent on them)

my opinion is, if you like xbox then good for you, if you like ps4 then good for you, the arguments over games seems just to focus on the graphics, this is better on this console, this is better on that one.

when did we lose sight on the main focus of the game which is gameplay, jesus how do you think people managed with pong to play.

some people have become spoilt with all the technology and to some degree the fun is slowly being sapped out of it as it seems to be battle of whos console is better.

be honest, the same game is out for both consoles and it has the same gameplay, do you really need to give a s**t that some shadows or faces in a cut scene look better on another console.

as long as you enjoy the story and the gameplay, look at tetris its just blocks for christ sake but its a brilliant game, nothing really to look at.

we all just need to get along lol

Grave2609d ago

My most anticipated game of 2014 besides Dark Souls II.

SeanScythe2609d ago

I have it preordered for PS4 and enjoyed the beta but after recent news about the content and world sizes, I can't justify spending $60 on this. It seems like it's going to be a DLC fest. Now I could be wrong but I won't be getting it day 1 like I had been planning. If it turns out to be different than I hear it is I may get it.

ScottyHoss2609d ago

I envy you man, games up north are 70 now

Sevir2609d ago

Lol. World size and content!? You probably spent 50 alone on the beta and you think the full game is less than what you experienced?

The beta had a more complete offering than a game like titan fall and the upcoming game evolve.

5 explorable destinations and tons of end game content . And you're worried it'll be a DLC fest... They only have 2 DLC content coming post game. I'm not sure how anyone can say the game is too small when you only had a vertical slice of a game that has largely been about server tests for player capacity. I think you really should just relax and get the game. I'm sure you've paid 60 dollars for games that have given far less.

JeffGUNZ2608d ago

@ Sevir

THIS. The game is full of content. I think we just have a lot of entitlest people out there who think everything should be included. I also highly doubt this to be a DLC fest as they announced two EXPANSIONS and the first will hit in December. The point is, games like this get supported by DLC to expand. This is Bungie, you can count of a full experience for $60, even more.

I put endless amount of hours into the beta, which had a limited amount to explore area in old russia, a level cap of 8, and game modes like raids not available. So I am going to be able to do like 3-4 more explorable areas, with the level cap for gear found, with raids, strike missions and daily activities? Where are you getting ripped off here?

FamilyGuy2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

You're kidding me right? "Not enough content" sounds like a crazy statement if you compared it to other popular first person shooters. I got maybe 40 hours of play time out of the beta and that was just one world (I missed the moon time frames). If that was the whole game it still would've been worth more than a cod title. Exploring a world map, doing story and side mission if you feel like it or just playing in the competitive space all make this game well worth $60 entertainment wise.

Unless all you play is huge RPGs or MMOs the statement about a lack of content makes no sense. There's plenty to do. :/

"Boring", "repetitive", "dumb AI" are more valid complaints but none of us have seen/played the final product to know what the other missions, enemies or rest of the story will be like.

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