EA Sports FIFA 15 Player Rating Reveal – it has begun

onPause writes:

Today EA Sports has started revealing the Top 50 player ratings for FIFA 15. Today the first 10 players have been revealed which make up the numbers 50 through 41 which can be seen below. Even the players are talking about their ratings!


UPDATE: Original Post contained ranks 50 - 41.

We just added 40 - 31.

We just added 30 - 29.

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f50liv_imposter12217d ago

Same old same old

Lol at 'Feel the game'. that stuff is funny

pompombrum2217d ago

Yup, they've ran out of original marketing ideas.

Spontogical2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

Cesc Fabregas - 84


Ok, EA Sports, Ok...

EDIT: Lower than Mata ahahahahhaha

mcroddi2217d ago

Well - close enough? only a point off.

Spontogical2217d ago

True. Though he should be at least an 86.

Then again I guess they're taking informs into consideration too.

ramiuk12217d ago

i think they should lower them all,because when informs and team of week etc come in there too powerfull imo.

hazard17remedy2217d ago

Cesc Fabregas 84 it's great... courtouis 86? WOW