Why Driveclub Means More Games Should Be Delayed

Journalists raised eyebrows at some obvious roughness at E3 last year, but Evolution has added several layers of shine since Sony decided to push the racer back. Now, visually at least, Driveclub is bloody amazing.

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Walker3128d ago

Why Driveclub Means More Games Should Be Perfect

Godmars2903128d ago

Why Driveclub Means More Games Should Be Held Back: To Be Perfect.

LordStig3128d ago

Unless your EA, Activision or Ubisoft.

Godmars2903128d ago


And those, along with Square Enix, are the ones who need to do it the most.

Elzer3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

Lol not that long for that little content!!! How many cars again? Weather being launched with the game?? Don't think so. Beta already showing downgrade. Sorry to burst everyone's bubble but the game won't live up to anything.

HanzoHattori3127d ago


"Works fine.... Lmao... I'm guessing you have no clue how GODLIKE XBOX ONE'S SMARTGLASS operates compared to the psn app...."

"Pretty bad graphics compared to Gamescom. If the downgrade is said to be true. Then Forza Horizon 2 Is looking much better. Open world game with better graphics and much more content. People underestimating the xbox one. There are still specs unspecified of the xbox one. PS4 is no where near 50% more powerful. Those that claim xbox one can't reach 1080p, architecture is much more complicated and tools are not even close to optimum standards. DX12 is a real deal. Phil spencer said it won't make much difference because xbox one already has DX12. Dev kits are now taking advantage of it little by little. 2015 E3!!!! I called it!"

"Truly next gen? Watch closely and see the car bump into the bushes on the left.... Invisible wall?"

"VINE!!!! If PS4 doesn't get this app then I consider XBOX ONE TO WIN THIS CONSOLE WAR just with this app alone lol!"

"Ps4 fanboys having been waiting since launch for driveclub. They kept claiming that Driveclub was going to be better than forza 5. Now they'll be like it'll be better than forza horizon 2 lol. I'll have 2 racing games in my xbox one'a library while ps4 will have none. Might as well say Driveclub will be better than FORZA 6!!! If it isn't out by then hahahahahahahahahaha. Tell me I'm wrong! Because what I say is 100% FACT SON"

"Everyone needs to stop complaining. Xbox One is giving you 2 racing titles in a 1 year's time frame. Launch and this upcoming fall. Driveclub has been hyped since day 1 for what? Only to draw attention away from forza 5. Sony has grabbed ignorant people's balls and tied them to their parallelogram consoles. You PS4 fanboys are so useless. Completely useless."

Judging by your comment history, I don't think you'll have anything positive to say about the PlayStation 4, DriveClub, or anything Sony creates or produces as it relates to gaming. Perhaps misery does love company. Maybe you should clone yourself.

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otherZinc3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

LMAO! This is garbage!
Drive Club should experience another delay!

LMAO! @ Drive Club! Let's see...
1080p "30fps", after talking all that s*** about the 1080p 60fps Forza Motorsport 5!

ONE FEATURE; Clubs: frigging 6, and Forza Horizon 2 has 1,000.

No Weather at launch! WTF? DLC Weather?, months later...LMFAO with this bs!

And...50 Cars! You Must Be Kidding!
And PS4 fans around the world scoffed at Turn 10 for ONLY having 200+ Cars in Forza Motorsport 5?

And, Drive Club is Linear, with Invisible Walls!

All this for $60. This is a joke.

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hennessey863128d ago

company's seem to think its ok to release half finished games with the now all to common day one patch that more often than not makes the game even worse.

thejigisup3127d ago

None of my Sega, snes, n64, PlayStation one or ps2, gameboys, neogeos, had day one updates or many "high end/AAA" games were broken out of the gates. I was a much happier consumer of games back then. Now half the time I'm just bummed even thinking about games like the last guardian, duke nukem forever(which I truly genuinely hoped didn't suck but did), ffxv or versus 13 or whatever they are calling it now, or every other game that's been delayed a year or more. Delays suck the life out of anticipation. I'm no longer excited for tlg, ffxv, so on and so forth I've waited to long for nothing. As far as patches go, just give us a finished product and a realistic date. Hell, give me an outrageous date and then surprise me and release it early.

Alex_Boro3128d ago

All games are getting delayed this year though

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

delayed and isn't 60fps for a racing game. It good idea.

I think not.

Forn3128d ago

Delayed and looks incredible and plays incredibly.

BitbyDeath3128d ago

Not every game needs to be 60fps and DriveClub proves it.

thejigisup3127d ago

The disagree is strong with this one.

Boody-Bandit3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

Actually you might be surprised how many racing games over the years on the consoles are 30fps vs 60fps. You might want to do a little homework before spouting off next time.

1 of my favorite series of all time is Project Gotham Racing (30fps). 2 other great racing games - Sega Rally Rev and Rallisport Challenge were 30fps. Forza Horizon 2 which is about to be released in a couple weeks is 30fps as was the original.

Usually only pure arcade titles or sim racers are 60fps. 30fps is fine for a racing game if it's stable / locked in. I have yet to see any videos or information of Drive Club being any but stable.

Akuma2K3127d ago

Good point about the 30fps making racing games stable, Need For Speed Rivals is 30fps and the game races and plays great.

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