New Resistance 2 Gameplay Videos

New Resistance 2 videos showcase some new gameplay, Resistance 2 is an upcoming science fiction first person shooter video game for the PlayStation 3.

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LenHart3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

I am so getting this in Fall

60 player online ,8 player co-op

cant get better than that

********People please do give me some bubbles*******************


why am i getting disagrees?

Fragking283780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

first of all there is no such thing as pre alpha ALPHA= BEGGINNING so pre-begginning makes no sense. Plus the game is coming out in november 5 months away how te hell is that the alpha stage. I could see if it was like a year away but 5 months no way. Now back on topic the game does look amazing I didnt like the multiplayer for the first but this one seems amazing so i'll buy it day one.

At bottom:
Thats my reaction everytime people try to use that as an excuse.

Rekyyli3780d ago

Pre-alpha build. WTF is that? LoL.

InMyOpinion3780d ago

I think people disagree with you because you are crazy. If you didn't send me those "XBUTT! It's over for 3FixMe etc." letters for no apparent reason I might actually have considered reading what you have to say.

nanometric3780d ago

Yes there is such a thing as an pre-alpha build, durrr!

ukilnme3780d ago

@ nanometric

Good find.

@ LenHart

You get disagrees because you are LenHart. Stop begging for bubbles.

ukilnme3780d ago

LMAO. This why you only have two bubbles.

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6 minutes ago | By: LenHart | Block

shut up XBASTARD
dont post in PS3 related threads

BASTAARD XBOT we dont want you here

juuken3780d ago

Um...people, there is a such thing as a pre-alpha build. o_O

Utalkin2me3780d ago

Well while the multiplay look's fun and nothing else. The single player look's dreadful and a halflife knockoff. Scratch another game being a triple A title.

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clintos593780d ago

it looks alot better then the first. I also think the explosions look awesome and damn the online looks as good as it can get. This game is a must buy for sure on day one. Just wow. :)

iHEARTboobs3780d ago

That last video was pretty sweet.

Bits-N-Kibbles3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

is what Killzone 1 was suppose to be when they called it the halo killer... I think Resistance 2 can take that place for now (till Killzone 2 comes out)

Online looks sick... No joke... They have really stepped up the online from what it looks like. The variety of weapons and over all gameplay defiantly outshine Resistance 1. R.1. is a little limited, best part of resistance was the Awards and Metals... IMO... sometimes i wish the whole game was in black in while and had the film grain effect and blur like it does when you start a match!

Can't wait for this to come out in the fall! Pray for no delays and possibly a great demo at the end of this summer!

Vojkan3780d ago

I love how haters at GT are very active and give 1 for score just to affect score of videos. So you have 8.0 and 8.5
Also i love how same people pretend to have PS3 and how they are disappointed, lol. Even if true this game is WORK in progress, 5 months away!

sunnygrg3780d ago

Pretty nice for a Pre-alpha version.

Come November, may the best shooter win.

nanometric3780d ago

At least for now, this looks(graphically)nothing stunning, I would say bad even and nothing impressive, well besides 60 player online and 8 player co-op. Dunno, maybe my eyes are still blinded by MGS4 beauty :/

juuken3780d ago

It's still being worked on?

nanometric3780d ago

I know, thats why I said "At least for now..."! It still needs a lot of work