Firmware 2.36 Soon?

TheSixthAxis: "We've heard this morning that a minor Firmware update is due very soon: 2.36. The update is a tiny one apparently to strengthen security and fix a few PS3 titles, according to a poster on NeoGAF."

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Hydrolex3776d ago

don't be sad ! Do you want your PS3 gets 3 Red rings of death ?

if not, so download the FWs

Jim Crowslaw3776d ago

i dont think no one is NOT goin to DL it. The "ah mans" and "hope its rumors" stems from the anticipation of wanting that golden '2.4' update we all are anxiously waiting for. And i think if u have a PSNID u hav to DL the FW arbitrarily anyway.

will113776d ago

i would rather want sony working hard on 2.40 with in-game XMB then for them to be fixing some stupid security...

ThanatosDMC3776d ago

I still dont understand why it's such a big deal to have in game xmb... i personally want in game HOME... press the PS button and you're back at Home... now I'd shed tears of joy for that.

Domenikos3776d ago



2.3999999 ($hIt)

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Ri0tSquad3777d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

The Blog is going to get slammed when they announce it.

If this is true then I don't expect 2.40 until after or during E3. That sucks!

Rob4Vendetta3776d ago

sony is probably going to bring all it's firepower to E3 and thats going to be one of them

StalkingSilence3776d ago

Poor Jeff Rubenstein. Much blog spamming will definitely be on the way when they announce this.

TheHater3777d ago

I will wait and see. Why don't they just release it with 2.4

Condoleezza Rice3776d ago

Maybe(And this is just a GUESS),Sony want to make 2.40 one of the big announcements for their presentation?

I'm pretty positive in-game XMB would make a lot of sites/blogs headlines.

Silogon3776d ago

I told you all that this was going to happen. Sev or whoever argued with me and you all told me I was a liar. I told oyu That one of the guys on the Psblog confirmed that 2.4 wouldn't come until mid July the night of the late psn update.

The_Kills3776d ago

When and what version of a firmware will come out. This is true for both PS3 and PSP.

Take every post like this, and look at it from an passemistic viewpoint.

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The story is too old to be commented.