Planet Xbox 360: Warlords XBLA Review

Planet Xbox 360 writes: ""Oh, please, no! Not another Atari retro title!" Those were the likely sentiments of gamers when finding out Warlords was coming to XBox Live Arcade. True enough, Atari does not exactly have a good reputation when it comes to retro titles on XBLA, but something is definitely different this time around, with Warlords.

The game on hand is a four-player mash-up of Pong and Breakout. Each player has a two-wall castle in one of the four corners of the screen. Each controls a shield hovering around the front of the walls, blocking them from fireballs. Each time you fail to block one, a chunk of your castle wall breaks away; slowly allowing access to your 'king' behind the wall. Players can also 'catch' the fireball. So long as you hold the button down, the ball gains power. It turns the ball into a 'powerball', adding speed and damage ability to the ball. Charging the ball does have its own risks, as the sparks from the ball do minor damage to your own wall behind your shield. It gives the game a little bit of strategy underneath all the hectic gameplay. As the round goes on, the game releases more balls, adding to the manic action. When a fireball hits a player's king, they are out of the game. The player with the last king standing is the winner."

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