Worldwide PS3 releases for the week of June 15th

Metal Gear Solid 4 will continue to be the most played game outside of Europe this week, as there are no new titles to pick up in the US or Asia. Europeans have a relatively strong week with two decent titles and a few pieces of potential shovelware.

US Games
No new releases

EU Games
SingStar Vol II (also available without microphones)
Topspin 3
Overlord: Raising Hell
The Incredible Hulk
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Asian Games
No new releases

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TheHater5094d ago

Europe is getting a lot of love this week. Too bad I cannot say the same for the US and Asia. But hay, we got MGS4 last week, and I could care less if any other game is release this month.

zimbo0075093d ago

but wait we dont want anything else for the month
since we have MGS4

heyheyhey5093d ago

a classic Naism account resurrected


name5093d ago

I'm buying battlefield at the end of the month. Don't see myself stopping mgs4 for a while though.

Jim Crowslaw5093d ago

why is this posted again?

Aclay5093d ago (Edited 5093d ago )

There doesn't need to be another PS3 game released this week because no developer wants to release a new game too close after MGS4. I'm not buying another game for the rest of the month, so it really doesn't matter to me that another game isn't coming out. Battlefield Bad Company doesn't look impressive enough to me to drop $59.99 on... maybe $39.99, but not $60 bucks.

If Alone in the Dark was coming out on the PS3 this June like the PS2, Wii, 360, and PC versions, I would have probably picked it up, but to be honest, I think that if Alone in the Dark was released on the PS3 in June, there wouldn't be that many PS3 owners that would buy it because they might still be playing MGS4 or MGO. I remember hearing something about technical issues or whatever that needed to be ironed out on the PS3 version of Alone in the Dark, but that's bull if you ask me because Atari knows good and well they don't want to release Alone in the Dark the same month as MGS4. Phil Harrison isn't stupid and he wouldn't allow the game to be released for the PS3 in June because he knows the effect that MGS4 will have in the entire month of June for PS3 owners.

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