MGS4 Review Controversy Continues

Those who gave lower-than-typical scores to Metal Gear Solid 4 are catching plenty of flak for their decision, and one of them explains himself. However, there are two sides to every coin, and PSXE talks about the other possibility...

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Silogon3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

The thing I find funny, is they wanted to make an example to show their sites weren't biased. I mean, we all can see thru that transparent tactic, but why didn't they do it with GTA4? Wouldn't that have made more sense. A multi platform game, fighting big corporation bully tactics on the review scores.

No, they waited for the Ps3 exclusive to do it.

I'm not stupid and their tactics are so watered down it quenches dehydration.

PoSTedUP3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

but i have a situation on my hands and if any one can help me out it would be great. i want to know how or if you can transfer items between save points. like say i go back and play one of my saved games and i find a new item, how can i get that item i just found onto one of my more recent saves?

if you guys want to know how to get raidens face camo, laughing octopus's face camo, the camera, or octagons face camo, just hit me up if you dont know how to get it, and if your intrested : )

EDIT: someone agreed with me, but im looking for help! please help! lol.

Kleptic3829d ago

(Potential MGS4 spoiler...small one, but don't read below if you haven't finished Act II of the game yet)

there is a trick to getting the face camo from laughing octopus?...I thought he just picks it up right after, and then Drebin does something to make it work for you...

I was using it the whole time when you are tracking naomi after defeating laughing octopus (which was an awesome boss fight)...and I didn't know you could get Raiden's face mask thing either...which sounds awesome...that scene with him and Vamp is still awesome, even though the entire sequence was shown over a year ago...

juuken3828d ago

Well said Silogon.
I'll give you a bubble for that. You earned it.

TheExecutive3829d ago

I respect his opinion but I truly cant look to his reviews and descern anything for myself. An 8 isnt a bad score by any means but it doesnt fit this title. Its quite a bit better than an 8.

Like i said hes entitled to his opinion but it is one that I dont agree with. I wont be reading anything from him because we obviously dont share the same opinions.

CrazzyMan3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

8 - GOOD game, i REPEAT GOOD.
8-9 - a game between GOOD and GREAT.
9 - GREAT game.
9-10 - a game between GREAT and MASTERPIECE.

You COMPLAINING, that at WORST case MGS4 is a GOOD game? =)))
Come on people ENJOY the game, FORGET the scores, GR and Mc SCORES matter only to FANBOYS.

Moreover, it`s just an OPINION. Some people THINK, that MGS4 is GOOD and MANY, that MGS4 is GREAT or even a MASTERPIECE.
What the PROBLEM here???
The scores matter only to those who haven`t played the game, IF you played and LIKED it, isn`t that the MOST important thing? =)
The scores DOESN`T make the game worse or better.

sonarus3829d ago

EXACTLY. I am beginning to suspect the guy didn't play the game fully because he made a lot of controversial statements. And non of his comments seem to go beyond act 1.

It would have been better if he was a 360 fanboy who rated the game badly for that reason and he had just shut up and gone back to playing COD4/Halo 3 or whatever game he is into. Instead he felt the need to call out other reviewers who clearly enjoyed the game more than he did.

Gamedaily was a crappy site before but this guy just made it a whole lot worse for them

tethered3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

An 8 being a good game is a good thing. I agree with that in most cases, but in this case I really have to disagree because this really is a game for all. It is way higher than an 8 and by giving it an 8 will make casuals pass on it when they shouldn't. This is at least a 9.8 and I am only in the 2nd chapter in the game. The story has completely sucked me in and now it has become a mission for me to complete the next stage so I can keep going. Very rarely does that happen in a game. Usually its the game play that is fun but for the first time (Yes I have played all MGS games)I really am anxious to see what happens next with the story.

The Movie and Gaming elements in MGS4 have been fused together to make the best gaming experience ever in the history of gaming.

Thats where I have a falt with the score. This has never been done to the level it is in MGS4.

CrazzyMan3829d ago

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games - WII Avg Ratio: 67%
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games - DS Avg Ratio: 68%

But looks like scores DOESN`T have THAT big effect on sales. =))
Moreover, First day MGS4 sales are 1,5 mln. and First week probably 2,5 mln.
MANY people will play MS4, that is for sure. =) Maybe not all will rike it, but many will try. =]
MGS4 will easy pass 5 mln. by the end of 2008, no matter what scores will be. =))

Britjadg3829d ago

cant believe this argument is still going on.

after now playing through (and completing) MGS4 i personally think you'd need to be dillusionial to give a review score of less than 9. still... reviewers are entitled to their opininon, personally i'm still stuck on chris buffas remarks that this game needs to be less like MGS and look more at what the competition is doing. LUDICROUS remark, honestly.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3828d ago

I agree with that sometimes it's like someone who loves first person shooters reviewing a real time strategy game. The review usually turns out a lot worse than it should.

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MUNKYPOO3829d ago

maybe if this was an xbox exclusive he would have given it a 10. he sounds bias

TOSgamer3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

What I find strange is that three out of the four 8's that MGS4 received were from UK magazines Eurogamer, Edge and Games(TM). The fourth 8 being from Gamedaily. That is quite a coincidence. Maybe there is a bias there. I don't know what their reasoning could be but it doesn't seem right. 75% of the lowest scores coming from one small region is definitely fishy.

Mr BlueScreen3828d ago

He sounds like he loves microsoft to me.... Th-a-a-a-ts a g-g-g-o-o-o-d thing.. 00000001010100100 BANG!! BOOM!!! "dead PC"<--- Running Windows.

butterfinger3829d ago

It was nice to see a response to the whole Chris Buffa story from another review source. If I was a reviewer I would've taken extreme offense to what Buffa was dishing out in his interview. Buffa is as famous now as he ever will be, therefore accomplishing his original goal, and I hope we can all be done with this BS soon.

sonarus3829d ago

Exactly. Callin another reviewers review as BS is plain wrong.

MikeGdaGod3829d ago

i love the game and that's all that matters to me.

Camel Toes FTW!!!

LinuxGuru3829d ago

HELL yeah, Hideo Kojima ROCKS for giving the women in MGS4 CAMEL TOE....THAT is character detail, people!!!!

I bet he paid his character artists a bonus for including it.

ThanatosDMC3828d ago

Did you notice that they jiggle too... on their own, btw! Especially, Mantis chick... but i wouldnt touch her... she might eat me, if you know what i mean. Yes, it's the literal meaning not the urban one.

The four women are F***ed up!!! Mei Ling FTW!!!