Mike Tyson Fight Night Rd. 4 Model Render has been doing a little snooping around and we have come across a video of a Fight Night Rd. 4 work in progress model render of the Iron man himself Mike Tyson

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Silogon3964d ago

Renders are so useless to the consumer/gamer. They end up looking nothing at all like them and or near as detailed. It's like, here's some CG work from Final Fantasy 8 and we're going to show it in a trailer.

This isn't gameplay or even close to what gameplay will look like. It's just a render.


Mike Tyson will look nothing like that when they're done. It's a target render and "TARGET" means it's what they "HOPE" to achieve. Like Killzone 2's original trailer. Most people didn't realise the whole time it was a GASP!!! "TARGET" render, even though it was pounded into their heads daily.

All anyone ever heard was "I game footage" or on forums "that's not real time"

No **** it's not! It's a "TARGET RENDER" queer dips!

Peow3963d ago

Talk about primitive monitors... Are those even flat pannel? They look roundscreen to me... Oh, a render for mike tyson is what this is... um... decent?

SlyGuy3963d ago

renders (esp for a boxing game) to show muscles REALISTICALLY contracting and expanding.

Something that is CLEARLY missing in Raw VS Smackdown and some other fighting games.

To me it just makes the characters look weird, for e.g. when they raise their hand high in the air, and their pectorial muscles stay the same as if their hands were at their side. BOO lame!

Kyur4ThePain3963d ago

Who the h3ll cares about Big Mike anymore?

BubblesDAVERAGE3963d ago

Everyone I know cares....its mike tyson he could still beat most boxers ass

Kyur4ThePain3963d ago

Physically, maybe. But mentally he's a squid.
He's not a shadow of the fighter he was (or could have been).

The 7 Dawg3963d ago

this is the late 80's early 90's Mike he was a monster then

xg-ei8ht3963d ago

Back in the day, he was untouchable.

Lewis would not have stood a chance, if tyson was in his prime.

But now, mikes alot older and very fat.

Nevers3963d ago

was Lil' Mac. Man, that kid had the moves 8D

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