Cascaded Voxel Cone Tracing CEDEC 2014

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Yesterday, I had the (slightly scary) pleasure of presenting at CEDEC about the Voxel Cone Tracing tech we've been putting in our engine. We have crammed quite a lot of stuff in there, and it all seems to have come out quite well. So, if you didn't happen to be in Yokohama at the time and want to check out what makes the rendering tech of The Tomorrow Children tick, please check out the slides!"

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The Tomorrow Children uses a new lighting technology named Cascaded Voxel Cone Ray Tracing, which allows to simulate lighting in real time, and uses actual real reflections, and not screen space reflections like most games and this is even better than the SVOGI that epic ditched which they deemed too much ressource cannibal.

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It's no wonder why this looks like a Pixar film.