Crytek Head Hunting for PSP development?

Far Cry took on Half Life 2 and Doom 3 head on, Crysis defined next generation visuals and gameplay at a huge price and now they seem to be shifting their focus on tapping the potential of the handheld market as well. Their application programme page specifically requires PSP programmers for their offices in Budapest, Hungary.

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BlackIceJoe3866d ago

If Crytek really is going to make PSP games this is really sweet news. I wonder what they will be able to pull out of the PSP. I know it will not be any thing like Crisis on the PC but what Crytek did with the PC was really great. So what they will also be able to do with the PSP I have no doubt will push the limits of the PSP just like Crisis did with the PC.

Sanhlami3866d ago

Sweet. PSP is the high end side of the portable console, you would expect Crytek to go to it since PSP games are getting worse and worse. PSP needs a good developing company like CRYTEK to make them some original content that will whip the DS away.

Charlie26883866d ago

SWEET :D I wonder what kind of things can a company as cutting edge as they are going to do with the PSP, maybe THE best PSP graphics engine? 8D

poopsack3866d ago

ohh, crytek, graphics, psp.

badz1493866d ago

are sometimes funny. they were once a great dev with great reputation, then they made Crysis - a decent game almost no one on the planet can run at the higest setting and then they stop giving updates for crysis when the game is still very infant. then they claimed that crysis is the most pirated games ever when all other games except maybe the PS3's are too, then they said that they're dropping PC exclusivity yet they announced another PC exclusive as their 'last' one to do so. now, they are going to concentrate on the PSP? really? at the time when they are complaining about piracy? they do know that PSP games are heavily pirated nowadays right? it's just funny!

I'm in no way saying that they should just forget the PSP. hell I'm excited if this turns out to be true! I love my PSPs and I would love to have more great games for the system. It's the superior handheld and I think it should be getting more loves from devs. It was a shame when Ready at dawn stopped developing for PSP but if crytek is in, I'm in - for a hopefully great gaming experience on PSP!

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