Next-Gen.Biz: In-Depth: May NPD Analysis

Next-Gen.Biz writes: "May 2008 turned out to be an underwhelming hardware month despite the recent release of GTA IV, but year-to-date examination reveals interesting insights into the current state of the hardware and software races. Next-Gen goes in-depth...

Last Thursday, the NPD Group released data on videogame industry sales during the month of May 2008. The figures showed continued robust sales of the Nintendo Wii and several Nintendo-published-titles. Take-Two's Grand Theft Auto IV for the Xbox 360 was the top-selling title for the month with the PlayStation 3 version at #4 on the chart, but still did not produce an increase in hardware sales as many analysts had expected. And in the race to create the largest installed base, the Xbox 360 now leads the Nintendo Wii by fewer than 100,000 systems. At this point, halfway through June, it suffices to consider the Nintendo Wii the top-selling new console in the U.S."

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Silogon3829d ago

what I always love to bring back up when people forget is this. no matter how many times the xbox 360 comes out with a new sku and a bigger hdd in them to boost sales, Sony needs to do nothing to combat it cause they already won this battle when they launched the ps3.

I have a 320gb ps3 and if ever the xbox 360 feels the need to get up to that size, well I'll just upgrade again. I encourage you all to do the same. It's easy to do and a 320gb drive only cost ya 100 bucks.

doesn't that beat paying 400 for a new system with a different paint job and bigger hdd?

Of course this was off topic, so let me get to topic.

Gta4 was the 4th best selling game for May, yet PS3 is 3rd in console market share. Wrap your heads around that one. Looks like in terms of growth, actual growth, the ps3 had a pretty good bit of growth.

Of course if you look at vg charts you won't see that. Hell, they've had the ps3 stuck at 13 million for what now, 5 months? lmfao

What a bunch of spooners.

muddygamesite3829d ago

You're right. people still under estimate the PS3, not knowing that is a thought of the past. The PS3 is slowly creeping on Ah come up. i have a 60gb PS3 and ive never regretted it. I only have 9GB left so I'm definitely buying the "Western Digital 320GB Scorpio 5400RPM SATA-300 8MB 2.5"" because DIVX and Mpeg-4 movies are taking up alot of space (trust me it becomes an addiction).

It is truly a device that will reflects the wise decision sony took at the start. People insulted them and called them foolish, but they are slowly eating thier words. It is the best system out there hardware wise, and software wise, it's slowly bringing in the grenades. Slowly but surely.

PSN: omegamaximus

juuken3829d ago

For once, you make some sense.
People *do* underestimate the PS3. When it's all said and done...Sony will move into second place and eventually take first.

madness3829d ago

the ps3 was a 9 million 5 months ago on VGchartz

Dooditsmiguel3829d ago

the June numbers come in
bye bye xbox

Dark3603829d ago

Yeah keep dreaming sony fanboys will see... remember E3 is just around the corner.

Aclay3829d ago

With the United States economy the way that it is, slow console sales will probably be the norm until the Holiday Season, but I know for a fact that PS3 sales took a pretty considerable jump Worldwide after the release of Metal Gear Solid 4. I already know that the PS3 outsold the 360 in June in the U.S. and I don't even need to wait for NPD to report it.

The PS3 sold nearly a quarter Million units in May, and I think that the PS3 sold pretty well for it to be the most expensive console on the market and for the U.S. Economy to be the way it is.

But even though the Wii is a console that is a part of the 7th gen console race, it's not a HD console, and it's not a direct competitor with Sony or Microsoft.

I remember hearing some other Analysts predict that a large number of people that bought Wii's will most likely make the Playstation 3 their next system, and really it makes sense because Sony has always attracted a large casual audience with it's consoles, so it's highly possible. Even though Microsoft is attempting to break it's way into the casual audience with their Motion Sensing controller and with games like Banjoe and Viva Pinata, I don't think that it will be enough because the 360 still has that "First Person Shooter" console image painted on it and I don't think it will go away.

Voiceofreason3829d ago

How is the Wii not in direct competition with Sony or MS? All are out to sale consoles, all are selling similar types of games. The only way the Wii isnt competing with Sony and MS was in the area of graphics. That hardly means the console is not competing with the other consoles for market share.

mikeslemonade3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

I'd argue Wii is in competition but has no effect on the 360 or PS3. 360 and PS3 are selling pretty well for respective high price points. Both 360 and PS3 are selling on par with the PS2 life to date despite being more expensive than the PS2. The Wii is in competition almost like how the GBA was in competition with the PS2. It has almost zero effect on the 360 or PS3 sales.

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