Marvel: Ultimate Alliance II Details, Platforms

Kotaku writes: "We already knew it was coming, but amongst yesterday's MS/Acti marketing leaks were some further details on the upcoming Marvel: Ultimate Alliance II. The game will be set during Marvel's recent "Civil War" story arc, with players forced to choose sides in the conflict".

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TOSgamer3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

I really liked the first one. Hopefully they can add enough new stuff to keep it interesting. But looks like PC may really be dying if they are making it for every platform besides PC.

Silogon3829d ago

This game better play different than a ps1 game. All I gotta say. These games are so lame, so boring and pointless. It's like, when I get one of these games I don't enjoy it right off the bat. Instead I sit and think how many other people are playing this game at the same time I am. I usually come to the conclusion no one is and then send it to the porn theater/ gamestop.

Games like this are a downer. This is the kind of game you play from your window and look outside as life is passing you by. Even the kid on the big wheel looks more successful than you while you're playing these kinds of games.

GFahim3829d ago

the reason why u probably didnt like this game is coz u had no friends to play with.

DiabloRising3829d ago

Civil War? Meh... Onslaught Saga would have been better. Or Galactus like the prior looked to setup. Civil War was a nice change of pace, but I want something suitably large and cosmic scale... Infinity Gauntlet? Annihilation Wave? Secret Wars? Coming of Galactus? Ultron?!??!

Maybe I'm just picky...

Charlie26883829d ago

you comic whore XD

well Infinity Gauntlet would be my choice but I wonder if people would be able to handle it :P

if one is a fan some of those are AWESOME but if not they are some of THE most mind bending, confusing and brain burner stories EVER XD

btw how is THE MGS4 guru this days? :)

Baka-akaB3829d ago

I think it's awesome going through Civil war first . before all all cosmic we "just need" a good old fashioned brawl between our heroes and villains adding to the chaos .

they probably could have done an update secret war instead , but they probably wanted to cash onto a recent and popular event , instead of only targeting comics fans like ourselves .

As for the game , well there is something that bugged me ever since xmen legend , and keeps bugging me : the graphics just sucks . Xmen legends design and art style was simply abysmal and not something most of us would have enjoyed in the comics .. and its graphical engine was too average .

The UA first game improved the designs and obviously the graphics , but it keeps bugging me . Dont mind me as most people seems to have enjoy that aspect .

However , while it's probably wasteful and wishful thinking , could they please drop the whole exclusives characters for exclusive platform shenanigans ?
It makes some team up impossible , and it defeat the whole purpose of the game being allowing you to play with a huge assortiment of mavel characters ... given the concept Activision should damn stay clear of console wars antics .

vilmer3829d ago

Great news! Loved the first one.

ceedubya93829d ago

Going through "Civil War" seems really interesting. I wonder if it will also include "World War Hulk" and "Secret Invasion" by the time its over.

RufustheSage3829d ago

World War Hulk would be VERY interesting, but I think people were upset that you couldn't play as hulk until sometime later. . . .but following the Civil War storyline that would be the case again.

Owell! I would want to play out the ONSLAUGHT saga, just my OP.

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