More Screenshots, Gameplay Info for The Conduit

Also, a Q&A with High Voltage's software development director gives a few more details on the game itself, including:

• Three modes for online play. Offline play is single-player. LAN multiplayer likely. They're trying to get voice chat online.
• Enemies use portals to bring in reinforcements; destroying them will be a key.
• Set in fictional Earth of the near future, the story takes on a dark conspiracy-theory tone that unravels pretty fast after you get sent to investigate an extra-terrestrial encounter. Think the X-Files with stranger weapons.
• Your adversaries are called The Drudge. I battle drudgery every day, lemme tell ya. ...

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phantomexe3779d ago

Yea if it wasn't for news about this game i would of never posted.It looks so good for a wii game.I own metroid and halo and really as far as looks this game looks sweet as *** but the psxbox fanboys will be bashing it for something here soon.Maybe the'll say the color off or there not enough rainbows in it high voltage put some effort into this ,i can't get past the looks of it.I mean wii games.Game looks great if they match gameplay to that i do beleave this game going be the goldeneye of the wii and the best part nintendo didn't touch it.

TruthbeTold3779d ago

I can't wait for this one. I just hope that the expectations don't grow too big as we do wait.

Snipes203778d ago

They said a lot of encouraging things such as "we are working on voice chat...can't promise anything, but we know it would make the game better." Also, LAN play on Wii is (I think) non-existent so far so it is good to see that as "more than likely". Lack of splitscreen is disappointing. Maybe they will follow CoD4 in this respect or even better would be that combined with LAN play to get 2-4 people per Wii. I don't even think I would mind if they scaled back the graphics a bit in the splitscreen multiplayer for improved framerate. As long as the gameplay is as good as they are promising, this game will fall into the lead as the top 3rd party game. (Madworld looks like a great contender as well as some others: MH3 anyone?)

phantomexe3778d ago

Mark it down ,this article made it 8 hours without a xbox or ps fanboy bashing it.