Rise of Mana and Dead Man's Cross Confirmed for PS Vita; Will be Exhibited at TGS 2014

Twinfinite writes:

Square Enix has announced two previously smartphone-exclusive games for the PS Vita: Rise of Mana, and Dead Man's Cross and they'll be shown at TGS 2014.

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bouzebbal2521d ago

Is Rise of Mana any good? last one i played was Legend of Mana on PSone and i loved it.

3-4-52520d ago

action rpg for Vita? awesome

Chard2521d ago

Now we're talkin! Rise Of Mana always looked too good to be just an iOS game. I would have thought the 3DS would be an obvious choice for it, but then again this is Square Enix we're dealing with here.
I don't even know if the game is any good, but I'm just happy to see that the Mana series isn't completely dead yet.

XtraTrstrL2521d ago

Oh, you remember mana Square? How about a new Mana for PS4, with all these other JRPGs releasing - now's the time. If it plays somewhat similar to the original SoM, multiplayer 'n all - it could be a huge success.

kayoss2520d ago

Secret of Mana was my first ever RPG. It was because of SOM that i fell in love with RPG. I cant wait for the Rise of Mana to be released in the US on the PS Vita.

blackblades2520d ago

SCEJA said something about bringing mobile games to vita quote "I think we’ll also see some games based on existing smartphone titles come to the PS Vita.”

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