Wii Fit causes over £20 million in damage to homes

There's no doubting that Wii Fit has helped many a gamer get back into shape since its release, but a new poll by woman-only insurance firm Sheila's Wheels has discovered that users of the software have caused upwards of £20 million GBP damage to their homes whilst exercising on the Balance Board.

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doshey3774d ago

ever think of not being close to stuff u can break god people are dumb these days

will113774d ago

just like they blamed Nintendo for the controller

Organic_Chemistry3774d ago

Im sur Wii Fit has some form of waiver or agreement "If you smash shlT up in your house, Nintendo is not responsible". The same thing happens in the gym, you have the people that have never been in their life and they jump on equipment and destroy themselves then never get back into it. Instead, nintendo should have been aware of this (that it takes progression) and started with some simple moves not including the apparently deadly Wii Fit board. An analogy, put a 10 year old in a car and see how they drive by themselves, then traint hem to drive one step at a time, they will learn how to drive well and cause less damage, if any, put an ill-informed obese person (or incapable woman) on a Wii Fit board for the first time and your result? €35,000,000 in Sorry women but your only hand eye coordination is with a knife and spoon in the kitchen (just kidding ;P)

poopface13774d ago

I cant think of any other explination for it.

Silogon3774d ago

What kills me is this.

People have been working out for years and years and years and years and years and years and have never a massed or garnered this much attention for doing so.

nore have they racked up this much damage to themselves, to anyone else or to the property surrounding them while they do workout. This is an exclusive to Nintendo's queer piece of plastic and homo system.

If baffles me and amazes me at the same time. Maybe it's not Nintendo's fault, maybe it is just their target audience and the lack of intelligence and common sense they possess.

G1TR4P3D3774d ago

I agree completely. Clearly "working-out" should be left to the NON-casual gaming idiots which make-up the majority of the Pii's sales who clearly find it too difficult to stand on something two inches off the ground.

psycho3603774d ago

Agreed, people who never moved their lazy @ss before tend to hit/hurt other people/themselves while moving erratically over a stupid balance board.

Imallvol73774d ago

This is the dumbest story I have ever read. Shows why casuals shouldn't game. Can't even stand on a balance board without breaking something? Seriously?

Blaming Wii Fit for this. MORONS.

hellomrhieu3774d ago

i wholeheartedly agree. these people are the casuals of the market!

Wise Rant Monkey3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

< Some people just need to learn how to control themselves while playing motion controlled video game's.)

dragunrising3774d ago

Many people who "game" on the Wii have never done so before. A good portion of these new players are sedentary individuals with less than steller reflexes. Technically, it is the users fault and Nintendo isn't liable. If there is a class action lawsuit its not going anywhere. Interesting and funny article (hopefully no one got hurt:-P)

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The story is too old to be commented.