Five Games Microsoft Could Announce To Sell Xbox Ones In Japan

MegaJon28 writes "It’s no secret, Microsoft has always struggled to sell consoles in Japan. Microsoft being a western based company has a hard time understanding the culture of Japan that comes naturally to Nintendo and Sony. Despite the difference in cultures, games sell consoles and there was no shortage of Japanese targeted games announced by Sony at the Tokyo Game Show. If Microsoft wants to have any part of the Japanese market they will need to announce games that are targeted toward that audience. This is a list of five games Microsoft can announce that will help sell Xbox Ones in Japan."

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BitbyDeath2419d ago

MS would have to pay millions, if not hundreds of millions to get full exclusive rights to Japanese games and given the attachment rate likely being extremely low I doubt MS would bother wasting the money on what'd be little return.

Concertoine2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

The funny thing is they had a pretty decent library for Japan in the early 360 days. They had Dead Rising, Lost Planet, Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Monster Hunter Frontier all exclusive or timed exclusive. Its just clear that they cant make a dent there, theyve had a bad reputation since the beginning. The launch of the original Xbox wasnt bad over there, but they failed to support it very well at all and that doomed the Xbox brand to a cult status.

The 360 actually has a surprising amount of Japan exclusive titles too. I think MS Japan charges an extremely small licensing fee or something. Theres a lot of bullet hell games which i love. But the Xbone has probably the least potential success than either of its predecessors in Japan.

I guarantee you they wouldnt have to pay "hundreds of millions" for anything though. Thats the entire budget of a AAA game right there. They could probably buy a decent sized studio with that money.

mikeslemonade2419d ago

Well I don't care about Japan. Japan is not the "big enchillada" anymore for sales. If Microsoft decides to throw money around then we will see some exclusive games.

Baka-akaB2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

Except they didnt have that library in the early early days and the launch was bad when you account local gaming tastes . It launched with stuff like Perfect Dark Zero, Ridge Racer 6, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Every Party, FIFA 06: Road to FIFA World Cup , Kameo , Tetris and a bit delayed Dead or Alive 4 . Ninety-Nine Nights was delayed till april of the next year ...

All of those great titles you're praising only came way later and too late . Wich works for a cemented Nintendo , or Sony , but not for a newcomer that's trying to win a skeptical japanese market .

You had to wait till october of the next year for Lost Planet and almost two years for Blue Dragon followed by Lost Odyssey

come_bom2418d ago

"hundreds of millions"

LOL. Exaggerating much! Paying "hundreds of millions" would have to be a exclusive like Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty... certainly not Japanese exclusives.

3-4-52418d ago

* Bonster Hunter

* Ok Mon

* Robo Warrior Gundam Burst Flashy lights game 7

kenneth872419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

1. Dragon Quest XI
2. Monster Hunter 5
3. Shenmue 3
4. Dynasty Warriors 9
5. Final Fantasy Musou

ritsuka6662419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

''Five Games Microsoft Could Announce To Sell Xbox Ones In Japan''

The PS4 and WII U isn't selling well in Japan. I wonder why Microsoft are even bothering with japan market of consoles.

megajon2419d ago

Microsoft had a hard enough time selling Xbox 360s in Japan compared to the PS3 and Wii. Early reports are saying there isn't a lot of interest in Xbox One in Japan. Microsoft needs to pull out the big guns if they want any type of chance in Japan.

KonsoruMasuta2418d ago

A new Blue Dragon or Lost Odyssey game wouldn't hurt. Pay Tecmo for Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 and Konami for a new Rumble Roses.

What Microsoft really needs to do is form a first party Japanese studio.

megajon2418d ago

Blue Dragon was fun, but got repetitive to me. Lost Odyssey was one of my favorite RPGs early on for the 360 and would love to see a sequel on the Xbox One.

strangeaeon2418d ago

MS first needs to change the name.

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