Rumor: Game Show Channel coming to Xbox Live

Kotaku: "A new social gaming channel is coming to Xbox LIVE, one that looks to be another attempt from Microsoft to target the casual gaming crowd with "programmatic, highly concurrent social interactive games." That's the long way of saying "game shows" as Xbox LIVE versions of Jeopardy! and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? appear to be coming to the "SBG Channel."

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tojfs79313965d ago

Microsoft is trying to find anything that will appeal to the casual gaming crowd. There IS already a social game show network on cable called Gameshow Network...

GiantEnemyCrab3965d ago

How so? What other console offers a Game Show Channel that is actually live and interactive?

Not even the stupid gameshow network actually lets you interact with it. It is mainly old gameshow repeats.

I love this idea and I am totally excited for it. I heard awhile back that EA plan on having a TV studio with real hosts in realtime to work with some game they are working on. This could flow into a similar realm.

I like it and it's great to see MS isn't up to trying new things with it's service.

The END3965d ago

@bubbles-- thank you for that pointless remark, which doesn't make any sense..

Anyway, sounds fascinating- hopefully they can pull off a fun experience...