The Witcher Adventure Game Hands-On. Grab It Preview

Grab It writer Mariela González gives us a preview of The Witcher: Adventure Game, a surprising tablet spin-off to the blockbuster and console RPG series.

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Cookiebex2523d ago

Interesting move for these guys. Hopefully it proves to be a good one

shipnabottle2522d ago

Never played a Witcher title. I'll definitely look forward to the PS4 RPG next year.

GeraltofRivia2522d ago

First Witcher is awesome, (copmabt is a little weird with the mouse and keyboard). Witcher 2 is also awesome, it is literally two games in one.

SlappingOysters2522d ago

I didn't realise fans of the book weren't that into the console game. I wonder if this is the kind of experience that will appease them?

kcuthbertson2522d ago

The games introduced me to the books. I think they're both wonderful. And I happen to be an avid board gamer so this product has gotten me very excited!