"Trioxide" To Allow Console Games To Be Played On PC?

Kotaku writes: "Something popping up on the site is called "Trioxide", and claims it will introduce "the ability to play the latest console games (ie Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, etc) on your PC". How? Don't know. Why? Don't know. How? I do not know. That's all we got. But there's two prices listed: $49 and $299, with the more expensive price and boasted controller use seeming to imply that - if this is real, and not a figment of some marketers imagination - it'd be a kind of actual device, and not just standalone software".

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PoSTedUP3778d ago

interesting.. i can play pc games on my PS3 : P

Silogon3777d ago

My computer is balls to the wall right now. It is upgraded to the hilt with 4 gb mem and a brand new grafix card clocked in at 600 bucks. I'm ready for pc gaming finally. Console gaming has nothing on pc gaming, on or offline and Ps3 and xbox 360 can bite the dogs whick, if you ask me.

I'd support this service if it allowed me to play ninja Gaiden 2, Gears of war and all the Ps3 games I like.

Dark_Vendetta3777d ago

I'll beleive it when I see it