Survey: 'Lips' is Xbox 360 karaoke with wireless mics, store, DIY tracks

Christopher: "Sounds like rumors pointing to the Microsoft's leaked "Lips" project were only half-right: according to the very same survey that gave us such hits as Microsoft's Xbox 360 "avatar" service and tktk, Lips is a "music and singing game" featuring not only two wireless microphones (that's the hardware part) but also thirty tracks, an online store, and "the ability to use and sing your own music." If this sounds like Xbox's answer to Singstar then, well ... your hearing is pretty good.

In order to take things to the next level, the Xbox crew has added a couple distinguishing features. First: the Lips microphones will be "interactive" with "lights on the shaft of the microphone that pulse to the rhythm of your voice, and motion sensors that allow you to dance, move or swing to score points." Second: you can use songs from a CD (how do you get them into the game?) or from an iPod – apparently the game will magically "reduce the vocals so you can sing along and be heard." Don't know the lyrics by heart? You can add those in as well.

As Microsoft continues to focus on the mainstream consumer, a karaoke game is a natural fit. Expect to hear more about Lips (like maybe a real title!) at E3 next month."

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BulletToothtony3779d ago

They did it with Scene It (Sony's Buzz) and now singstar.... but i'm not a hater, ultimately we're gamers and singstar is the best thing to have in a party so the only thing to hope is that MS does the franchise good so there is no mad gamers out there..

CrashSharc3778d ago

I doubt the ability to reduce vocals VERY much. MS isn't known for denying themselves profit. How on earth would they sell songs off the store if people could just use their OWN tracks. Sorry, not happening...

Dir_en_grey3779d ago

Custom songs would be great, the best even. Hopefully this forum post is true though =/

power of Green 3779d ago

Troll be gone you came in here to say MSFT used Sony's idea's. Everything you mentioned had been done before by others other than Sony lol.

baum3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Oh, I see, you were banned from the Gamer Zone so you have to try and see if anyone will bother with you (like me just doing you a favor, sadly). Don't worry, I just PMed BulletToothtony, and he confirmed to me that he has you on ignore, like everyone else relevant on the site.

Isaac3778d ago

Can you provide data for anyone doing something like Buzz or Singstar before Sony? You'll get some credibility if you do.

GiantEnemyCrab3778d ago

Yes, it's called Karaoke Revolution and it's been around a long time.

I think people need to stop with this copy cat talk because all companies are doing it. How is Sony's Achievement's coming? How about their custom soundtracks? Funny, that fishheads don't want to hear about that stuff and have no problems. Sony did not invent Karaoke.

bootsielon3778d ago

Karaoke Revolution is very different. It doesn't contain original artists' songs, only cover versions. Furthermore, Karaoke revolution doesn't have the videos of the songs. Even more, there are way more titles on the Singstar series than in the Karaoke Revolution ones, so I doubt Sony simply decided to "Copy" or rule out a least; what is most likely is that it was in development ever since the trends of music games started with Dance Dance Revolution.

The thing that has brought everyone's attention is that Microsoft is on a copying rampage as of late. Newton is Wiimote's clone, Scene It is Buzz' equivalent, and Lips. Not that it's a bad thing, actually Lips sounds good if the almost impossible feature of reducing any song's vocals to playable form is well implemented. I don't doubt Sony will copy that just like Home isn't entirely original (but original the whole product itself).

There are trends in this industry and everyone is copying. Microsoft is simply catching up "faster" because they are the newcomers in the game industry, and they do have to play catch up by copying. I just wish they came with original ideas and games other than achievements and a unified service.

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baum3778d ago

If this is true, it is a Singstar Killer. Or well, at least until Sony adds that feature to Singstar Vol. 2 or Vol. 3. I can't wait to sing all the Queen, Kiss, Twisted Sister, Europe and other 80's rock band songs.

Dir_en_grey3778d ago

They already got vocal reduction in the PS3 Singstar. Only a few songs on there don't have this because the way their master tracks are mixed.
You can choose to fade them out completely or to have them fade out when you start singing.

GiantEnemyCrab3778d ago

Agreed, this sounds more ambitious than Singstar. Let's hope it delivers and is as embraced as Singstar has been.

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