iPhone gets 3G, GPS (Cnet Video)

At WWDC 2008, CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone 3G, provided a peek at lots of third-party applications, and unveiled a new service called MobileMe.

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The END3780d ago

have no need for this phone but absolutely will buy.... might be picking up some stock in Apple as well!! too bad for the first iphone buyers, kinda got crapped on a little...

nbsmatambo3780d ago

not really "crapped on". Ive enjoyed my iphone ever since i got it and its served its purpose. bsides u r going to be paying more in the long run considering the plan is more expensive than the current one...

aiphanes3780d ago

But you know that next year a newer iphone will be out that will be better than the one comming out in July most people will just upgrade and get the next year model iphone...At least ATT allows you to get a new phone at the $199 or $299 price...they just make renew your 2 year can not do this at sprint or verizon.

So yes the Iphone was $399 to $599 last year....and is now a cheap $199 to $299 this year...

The END3779d ago

your probably right nbsmatambo, but I already pay alot as it is for service-- why not give away some more money a month... stimulating the economy or wasting dough- pick your poison....

leeger3780d ago

now thats what i call a price drop

Kyur4ThePain3779d ago

I know what I want for Christmas!

Conan9973779d ago

now every 16 girl is gonna have these, they'll be all over every single high school. iphone is getting flooded. kinda how the razor used to be 600 and it was really cool to have one. bleargh. i'll stick with the k850

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