New Sacred 2 screenshots look pretty diabolical

Danish site has got ten new screenshots of Ascaron RPG Sacred 2, and they look horrid.

The game is scheduled for a Q3 release.

Screenshots through the link.

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power of Green 3779d ago

There's no excuse for this game this looks like an Xbox title.

Thump19673779d ago

Give it more time really looking forward to this game

dragunrising3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

It wouldn't look would look worse. I'm jk, although you never know. This game needs a little work in the graphics department. Although, who is to say whether the game will be fun or not. Gauntlet Legends comes to mind. Ugly as sin but loads of fun if played with some friends.

psiom3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

Way to bring the fanboy BS right into a thread it doesn't belong in.

What PS3 fanboys posting negatively are you talking about? <-- ok you edited that part out.

Why do you have a dig at the PS3 itself in a thread about an Xbox 360 game? I can't imagine how you could possibly sound like a bigger fanboy yourself.

dragunrising3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

Every time I mention something positive about 360 it gets shot down by a PS3 fanboy. Every time I say something in the least bit objectionable/constructive about the PS3 I get lynched (because I'm not Sony fanboy "enough"). The reason why I bring it up at all is because every pro-360 thread turns into a 360 hating forum. I'm tired of people posting mindless, biased fanboy comments. I have tried time and time again to add insightful, intellectual discussion to It never seems to go anywhere. Instead, I get disagrees and no replies to explain why. I was having a little fun is all.

InMyOpinion3779d ago

Couldn't agree more. This place is infected.

psiom3779d ago

But surely you can see that a 360 fan arbitrarily attacking the PS3 (even though just kidding) in a completely unrelated thread will just fire them up even more?

Adding and inciting more fanboyism around here has to be the worst thing we can do for N4G.

The only way to deal with fanboys is to call them on it in the least fanboy-like tone possible. When they're the only ones posting cretinous drivel there's always that small chance they'll realize how dumb they look.

tudors3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

I have an xbox-360 but even I find your comment ridiculous, this game looks like it could be done on the original Xbox or maybe even the PS2 (apart from the water), but as one guy said "I have seen worse", horrid is overdone, same as saying it would look worse on the PS3.

P.S in this thread you started it off.

InMyOpinion3779d ago

I referred to his second comment. The first one is silly.

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