In before "I'm canceling my pre-order" over Destiny's late reviews

GameZone: "Bungie, the same developers that brought us Halo have been working on their next space-epic first-person-shooter, Destiny, for quite a while. In fact, the game is done and set to release in a week from today. Recently though, it came to light that review copies for Destiny won't be arriving at several notable gaming outlets until Monday, September 8, a day before the game's launch. Reviews tend to spring up a few days prior to a game's release, but this will likely not be the case for Destiny. As an MMO-like experience, it's probable reviewers will need considerable amounts of hands-on with the game before formulating a score."

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Codewow3314d ago

I didn't even pre-order destiny because I've been skeptical of the game ever since the beta.

jackanderson19853314d ago

thank god i'm not the only one... i don't pre-order games so that was never a worry for me.... but the beta did turn me off the game big time... i didn't feel the excitement from it and it lost alot of it's appeal during the beta

Man_Marmalade3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

I preordered Last of Us before it was released, but other than that, I don't really preorder anything else until reviews come in.

CYCLEGAMER3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

I honestly don't understand the hype for this game. It all seems like forced hype IMO...I feel like people are just thirsting for a FPS that isn't COD or BF.

ExplosionSauce3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

It's kinda like Borderlands, but more generic looking.

Less loot. 3 classes that play the same and armor that looks the same. COD-level storytelling (a downgrade from Halo) with no memorable characters.
PvP was ok. Basic capture the flag/team deathmatch stuff.

CJDUNCAN3314d ago

After playing the beta I came away feeling that Destiny is a mediocre effort in a stale genre. However, this game is going to get high review scores because this generation has been a dud game wise. The industry needs this game to succeed so watch all the 9 marks it gets.

From the limited beta to me it will warrant no higher than a 7. There's nothing groundbreaking about it, and it's easily one of the worst looking games I've seen this generation.

GTgamer3314d ago

After playing Destiny beta IMO i think Boarderlands is better mainly because its full open world with unique and crazy dont forget halarious characters (well I haven't seen all of destiny characters so ill hold judgment) but so far when i playDestiny I pick a planet i jump in explore a little do what ever side mission that pops up(and they arent fun tbh) and finish whatever mission i started with me fighting some boss and thats it. So yeah that's why I think boarderlands better.

mikeslemonade3314d ago

I don't expect great anymore from this game. I'm just gonna play through like any other coop campaign game.

redwin3314d ago

I though that the always online was a deterrent for must players but must players are buying destiny anyway. I guess ignorance is bliss . I'm not saying that people are ignorant I'm saying that if you don't say it's so, then it's ok to be, so.

cyclindk3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

Same here, it was totally polished, but I again bring up the Duck Hunt and Area 51 arcade game analogues. Enemies pop out, hide, pop out....

The rest of Destiny seemed to be the run-of-the-mill XP-fest/leveling marathon, albeit a very polished one as I stated.

Just, didn't grab me at all, despite the fact that I seem to be one of the few who ENJOYED Dinklage's voice work, not to mention the musical score and the universe they created.

The only thing that would get me to buy it... is a lack of other releases. If even ONE other game I wanted was out around that time, it would stand no chance at all.

ForgottenProphecy3314d ago

I feel the same way. I enjoyed the beta for about 10 minutes, but it got really boring really fast.

HOLDERofFOOD3314d ago

Agreed, also glad it's not just me. The beta was SUPER repetitive. The enemies were pretty generic in terms of how you actually fight them. There really isn't anything new or innovative about the gameplay in terms of combat and fighting enemies. In fact, I could name plenty of games that have done that better and made that part more fun. The only thing innovative are the MMO aspects which still from my experience didn't really seem to effect gameplay all that much. Anyway, I still preordered the super edition because I want a talking robot with Peter Dinklage's voice. Love that guy.

Gotcha53314d ago

Same here... after the beta just wasn't feeling it so I'm looking forward to Alien Isolation.

FamilyGuy3314d ago

So weird seeing so much negativity, I'm EXTREMELY excited to get Destiny. The Beta pushed me in to pre-ordering, before that the game was hardly even on my radar. I can't wait to explore all those closed off areas and fight the other enemy types and bosses. Watching trailer of the moves you get at higher levels has me pretty pumped as well.

I'm really confused how any of you could call it mediocre before the "dumb AI" comments.

cyclindk3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )


Well, what is it you are going to "explore" in the closed off areas? The rest of the game world has been pretty barren and while it is good looking, it isn't SO full of eye candy that exploration just to LOOK at the surroundings isn some amazing thing.

And as far as fighting other enemies, you are gonna shoot at them.... there you go.

Not exactly a game that sounds like it's going to snowball into more and more fun as you go... just more and more of the same.

GameSpawn3314d ago

After the Alpha and the Beta, I was fine with the price of entry. I just kept going back to Destiny when I got bored with Watch Dogs. Now that I'm all but finished with Watch Dogs and First Light (I still have Thief to work on but have lost motivation) Destiny is the only game in the near future I'm willing to put some good time into again.

I guess I'm drawn to things of repetitive nature so long as it doesn't become ludicrous like solo-leveling in FFXI (it is IMPOSSIBLE).

UltraNova3314d ago

Wow guys after reading about your experiences with the alpha/beta it really looks like an average to good game at best (7?) But I'm pretty sure it will get 9s and 10s across the board cause you know game journalists are just like us they love gaming, passionately.

Chris_GTR13314d ago

wtf are you people talking about, the beta was phenomenal , destiny is going to be great. given bungies track record and the solid beta ill be buying it day 1 w.o. even caring about reviews

donthate3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

Destiny attempts to be a lot more than it really is, but falls short over and over:

* story: very generic, and very poorly told (based on the beta)
* gameplay: felt very generic, like Halo except devoid of any Halo fun. The reason why Halo is good is mainly due to the multiplayer.
* controls: slightly unresponsive and heavy feeling. The horizontal motion is terrible, I had to dial up the sensitivity to fix it. Essentially the responsiveness of vertical and horizontal is not evenly adjusted. Feels terrible!
* art work: kind of cool, but has hints of genericness especially on the character
* game modes: to early to say, but there was one that I did enjoy

So there you have it, a slightly above average game hyped up to oblivion. It will sell like hot cakes, but I understand why they delayed the reviews!

Of course this is based on beta, and not the full game. I'm hoping I am wrong!!!

extermin8or3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

grr thought this hadn't posted (see post below instead now)

extermin8or3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

I did something I very rarely do and cancelled my prorder because of the beta. The game felt like it had no substance, and knowing just how large a portion of the game was in the beta (I heard about 1/5th) made me seriously concerned I'd get bored far too quickly. The storyline was pretty meh, I mean "the darkness" how bloody generic can you get? The gameplay itself was fun and shooting was pretty sturdy but I should hope so as it's an fps and all this was ruined by how damn repetative the enviroments were and the fact it took me less than 2 hours todo all beta missions and that was 5 of about 20 that will be in the main game. It' likely I'll pick this up when the price drops. Otherwise I'm waiting for AC:Unity and Dragon Age for xmas with Diablo 3 and Infamous: First Light to tie me over. And next year ofc there's titles like Batman, Bloodborne and such coming oh and ofc Destiny which I feel is going to show destiny how a real Shooter MMO should be done. Also the beta was newest build pretty much, and about a month prior to release. It was mainly a server stress test so little will change.

bouzebbal3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

typical problem with those who call themselves "gamers" nowadays.
Relying too much on the media and media itself ready to say garbage to get clicks and their credibility is at the lowest.
it's paradoxal to call yourself a gamer and wait for reviews.
Gaming industry's biggest threat is this new fake trend of gamers.
At least you can have a judgement from playing the beta but by no mean a review should be the deciding factor of buying a game!!!

I love Knack and I hate GTA... just saying! this month i'll pick infamous and TLoU (yeah haven't done it yet) and that's it! next stop: DriveClub! scr** the reviews, i still give games a chance cause i love gaming! Look at your expectations from the game and try to be more independant than just rely on stupid reviews (objective or not) cause it's about the opinion of one person.
Thank God i am not like this and i could enjoy games like Knack, Dead Space 3...

XBLSkull3314d ago

It isn't amazing but I had fun with it. The competitive multiplayer sucks. It'll occupy my time until MCC. Bungie made a good game, but they certainly haven't made another Halo.

GordonKnight3314d ago

I thought the beta was great, but then I'm Halo fan and I've never played a COD game.

beerzombie3314d ago

Not being able to talk to anyone I meet easily was my nail the coffin.

hakeem09963314d ago

I've never pre-ordered any game ever .that's a useless practice IMO but unlike you guys my experience with the destiny Beta was very enjoyable .Being primarily an XBOX gamer, Bungie always have my money day one . I already purchased my XBOXONE and preloaded Destiny now i'm just waiting for the servers to be active .For those of you still on the fence just wait for the reviews and friends feedback .I rarely buy a game at lunch ,nothing wrong with waiting a few weeks before making a purchases

rainslacker3313d ago

With a game like this, the reviews overall won't matter. If they're great, then people will buy it. If the game itself however is stale or mediocre, then time will cause it to fail. The initial hype, regardless of how good the game is will cause it to sell.

Remember that Activision has a 10 year plan with this game, and if the game can't hold people's interest through whatever expansions they release in the future, it will be canned. They aren't going to spend 1/2 billion dollars over 10 years unless the return on investment is significant.

If it's good enough to hold people's interest to the point they continue to crave what comes next, then it will be successful regardless of the reviews.

LoVeRSaMa3312d ago

I pre-ordered from the PSN store so I don't have to insert a disc, and the game will download itself a few days before so its ready to play as soon as its released xD

Giul_Xainx3311d ago

MMO games do not excite me as much as Diablo III did. Every MMO has been more boring than the last.

In fact most games aside from the onslaught of indie games have my interest anymore.

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C-H-E-F3314d ago

It took you until the beta to feel skeptical?? lOl when I saw EA was publishing I already knew to feel skeptical. The Alpha, Beta made me realize this will be a borefest real quick. Not bashing the game, but Titanfall was cool for 1 week. Week 2 after release you didn't hear anyone talking about it. This game had the same vibe to me, def. not getting. I have Infamous First Light to hold me over until Walking Dead which will hold me over for DC which will hold me over until. well you get the point lOl.

Codewow3314d ago

Yes it took me until I played the game to feel fully skeptical on it. I can't judge a game until I get a hands on demo of it.

Golden_Mud3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

The game is being published by Activison.....

Edit : Who wanna jump on the say "EA isn't publishing it. it's Activision" train ?

BiggerBoss3314d ago

Dude, EA isn't publishing it. It's definitely Activision lol