Greatest games of the 80s

Those old enough to remember the 80s will recall an era of fluorescent socks, brick-sized mobile phones and terrible, terrible music.

But it was also a time of brilliant games. Videogaming was still a novelty in the 80s, and the decade saw the birth of many new genres, such as the platformer, the god-game and the beat-em-up.

The best titles were still to be found at the local arcades, but gamers keen for a fix back home could fire up high-tech computers such as the Sinclair Spectrum 48k, Commodore 64 or the Sega Mastersystem.

Making a list of the best games from that time that everyone will agree on is a practically impossible task, but we're having a go anyway.

We've gone for games that raised the bar, games that created genres and games that are still enjoyable to play even now.

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PoSTedUP5873d ago

MGS should be in there : p

sticky doja5872d ago

Games of the 80's? if you are referring to Metal Gear Solid, there was no such game in the 80's

Rock Bottom5872d ago (Edited 5872d ago )

Where the F is Contra and Bionic Commando?!!!

sargas35872d ago

You guys are right on this guy doesnt know what he is talking about! Just look what is his number one! If Contra doesnt make the list the list is no good!

sticky doja5872d ago

Where the Legend of Zelda is.

psycho3605872d ago

Terrible music? Is he crazy? Then why would most of the new gen bands been covering 80s music? What about remixes and being played in nightclubs? Best music has been of the 80s and early 90s.

SaiyanFury5872d ago

Paperboy is on this list? I remember this game being next to impossible to play with an insanely steep difficulty curve.


Is Free-to-Play Lust Goddess worth playing? (NSFW)

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Chocoburger14h ago

Cheaply made AI art + free-to-play design with egregious micro-trash-actions? NO!!! ITS OBVIOUSLY NOT WORTH YOUR TIME AND MONEY!

bunt-custardly14h ago

Agree with your sentiment, but if you don't put any cash down and just grind away, no harm done aside from your sanity.

ZeekQuattro8h ago

The only I spend money on is the Fist of the North Star mobile game. Everything else I just grind it out. Let the whales fund the games.

jznrpg15m ago

lol grind away is a good way to put it


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