The history of MOBAS: From mod to sensation

Here’s how a StarCraft mod helped to shape the future of gaming.

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Sadie21002825d ago

I wonder if we're over the hump now or if this is the next Call of Duty.

darkronin2292825d ago

I still haven't found a MOBA I can get into. Did LoL for awhile, but it was such a slow grind in terms of ranking up and getting money. DOTA 2 just scares me. Infinite Crisis was alright, but I lost interest in it pretty quickly.

Chaoticmoon2825d ago

Why does Dota 2 scare you? Just wondering because imo its a fairly accessible game especially if you get some friends together to play with you. Also if you are just scared of sucking dont be, just have fun and ignore those who flame because if they are flaming then they probably suck too and are just trying to blame you for any of their mistakes. So just download it AND HAVE FUN!

M3rkMast3r2825d ago

Great article it is nice that someone documented the history of MOBA's.

midnightambler2825d ago

Interesting stuff, especially for a noob like me.

qwerty6762825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

"From mod to sensation" to over-saturation.

i dont like how all these companys are now trying to make mobas, the markets already been taken by lol and dota.

they should come up with something new instead of just copying.

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