Rumour: Forza 3 details leaked, images of pricing, DLC and collector's edition information for US and UK

Earlier this evening the existence of Xbox Live "Avatars" was apparently leaked through a research firm called Intellisponse. Through the site's backend a heap of concept for Forza 3 have also been found, outlining potential pricing "scenarios", plans for DLC and details of a potential collector's edition.

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Salvadore3777d ago

So we can expect the game this fall?

FordGTGuy3777d ago

2009 is a more fair estimate.

Forza Motorsport May 2005
Forza Motorsport 2 May 2007
Forza Motorsport 3 May 2009

Utalkin2me3777d ago

Hmmm.....Wonder if there will be a Forza prologue to try to suck money from people that love the franchise. I don't think so.

Tarasque3777d ago

Funny how the dedicated sony guy's disagree. Actually he made a valid point, what would be said if there was a forza prologue?

PirateThom3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Forza's budget is probably a quarter that of Gran Turismo.

Not to mention, no one holds a gun to your head and makes you buy it. "Buy Prologue or you can't buy the full game!"

TresTrendu3777d ago

Budget mean's nothing when forza is better than the latest version of GT. I don't care what anyone say's GT Prologue is in bad shape. You can only be faithful for so long or try to bullsh!t and believe it is a good game, but it doesn't work sorry. If you say it is a good game then you are fooling yourself plain and simple. I have handed the controller to more then 20 people and they quit during a race in either 1 to 2 race's nobody like's it. Course everybody feed's themself full of bullcrap that the graphic's are good. They are clean but they look like butt and plus there is draw in. If you don't believe me on daytona track coming off turn 2 going towards turn 3 it draw's the fence in it is awful. Everything is to plain and no atmosphere. Don't hate they player hate the game.

PirateThom3777d ago

I stopped playing it because I finished it. Plays like Gran Turismo to me. Forza on the other hand is too slow.

mikeslemonade3777d ago

Wow can this game have more negative adjectives:
Nickel and Diming DLC
Gimped on 2 discs
Poor Graphics
Rehashed 2009 title
Low car count only 400

XboxOZ3603777d ago

My "Best-Bet" choice is April '09, as many PR companies give out a false date to throw ppl off should the info get out, as release dates are very important dates to keep under wraps, but sckuttle-butt about a game is great publicity.

MS likes to deliver it's AAA titles either in Nove or April of each year, Gears, Halo, even hardware is renowned for those same periods of release, with #rd party affiliations or MGS (Microsoft games studios) tie ins being spread throughout the rest of the year.

So an April or even a November release at the VERY latest would be in keeping with their normal mode of operation. The game needs to appear sooner, rather than later, so as mentioned, an April '09 release is more prudent than a late '09 or worse still, a '10 release, which would make a HUGE time gap between games, and could well prove disastrous for the franchise.

Gandhi693777d ago


Bad Shape??

GT5 Prologue is probably my favorite game of all time, and has easily taken more of my time than any other game this generation.

plenty a tool3776d ago

how you can say most of what you said after paying for prologue? rehashed title??? what and gt5 isn't the fifth game then?? jesus some fanoys are incredible.

gimped graphics? i wouldn't say that forza is as good as the-five-years-in-the-making-a nd-still-not-finished gt, but they are pretty damn decent.

Mars Attacker3776d ago

Probably will release about the same time as GT5 or even a little before. Funny how everyone compared the GT5 vaporware to Forza 2. In the end there was no competition for Forza 2 from the PS3 - unless you count a demo. The real comparison is Forza 3 VS GT5 in 2009. I can't wait.

potenquatro3776d ago

sony fanbois = lame haters

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aggh im on fire3777d ago

I read that turn10 said it wouldn't be out until 2010. Forza2 was only released 12 months ago so knowing how long they spend on development i find it unlikely Forza3 will be out anytime soon.

They might release an add on disc though.

user8586213777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

they released forza 2 but now gt5 gona release they though cr*p better make forza 3 lmao!! hopefully gt5 will be the only gt game on the ps3 and they constantly make it better with updates and have us not buy sequels

user8586213777d ago

ermmmmmmmmmmmm thankyou so is urs?? :s

AssassinXIII3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

sorry pal i'm just bored :)

user8586213777d ago

ill send roses n a box of chocolate :D happy?

GiantEnemyCrab3777d ago

Don't you have a bridge that needs guarding?

gambare3777d ago

then what are you doing here?

pumpkinpunker3776d ago

GT5 prologue was a big letdown. it got a metascore of 80.

main complaints--
no car damage
crappy, glitchy online
low framerates
generic gameplay
..and the list goes on.

Right now, Forza craps on GT5 so stfu. yet again, more sony droids trying to pump up sub-par efforts from their mediocre devs. now go make excuses for GT5 prologue. say it is only beta. well, they charged $40 for it and it sucks. if you bought and play gt5 prologue then I feel bad for you. Really.

DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl3776d ago

how many AAA demos do you have on 360? Who's gonna give an incomplete game high scores? Yeah the game's not done but its a 10 already no need to keep working on it! yeah I don't think so! your list of complaints shows that you could only think of one and just made up the rest. the problems with online were more about unskilled drivers not glitches. low framerates really...kill yourself...

PoSTedUP3776d ago

it would suck if forza 2 "didn't" sh*t on a demo, that would be sad.
i cant wait for GT5 in 09' baby! gt5p can hold me over for now, well, mgs4 and haze can hold me over too. : P

Pain3776d ago

With that said u just proved u a 12 year old Xbot,

GT is the BEST race sim Period. dreaming M$'s wanna be clone is even close is just plan stupid and i mean G.W Bush stupid.

caffman3776d ago

but they are out of bubbles without bringing ANYTHING to the debate.

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Sayai jin3777d ago

Holy Batman, I know a lot of racing fans that will be wating for this game.

madness3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

2 discs + DLC.

can DVD9s still be the future?

AssassinXIII3777d ago

disc 1 = Game
disc 2 = extras

and this is still a rumor

madness3777d ago

i guess as long as the game is on 1 disc it is A-O-K

/end sarcasm

FordGTGuy3777d ago

This makes more sense as Forza 2 didn't nearly use all the space of the DVD it used. I hope its true i've always enjoyed gaming extras such as documentaries and how they built certain parts of the game. I love how you posted something positive about a Microsoft product and instantly received disagrees. The site community really has turned to crap recently.

neeharb3776d ago

All microsoft needs is an Xbox 360 with 6 DVD changer hhehehe...i guess it would be really funny the way i think the only solution now microsoft has if they are really facing such a problem is that they should allow hard disk installations and reduce the price of the hard disks or seriously consider blue ray ...i.e if they are facing problems..

karlostomy3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

Ok well done, there are limitations to the dvd format.

That's why we have bluray so we never have to swap discs again.
Not only that but games will load faster and HDD installs won't be required....

.... oh wait!
Doesn't the Bluray format run slower than 12x dvd?
Doesn't the PS3 need *massive* HDD installs despite the BR inclusion?

not cool.
not cool at all.

King_many_layers3776d ago

I'd rather install an amount of a game at the beginning rather than have to swap discs half way through, that would take away from replay value in a VERY VERY VERY miniscule way for me personally.

( it would only take away really on a very lazy day )

JasonPC360PS3Wii3776d ago

BTW how does
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Mods need to do somthing about the bubble cheating here, I see more people going to because of it.

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